Hossein Ronaghi’s Father Describing Evin’s Visiting Room Today: Everyone Was Crying. They Have Beaten Our Children

Following is an interview by the opposition site Kaleme with the father of imprisoned blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki after today’s visit in Evin with his son:

Mr. Ronaghi, today was the weekly visiting day for Ward 350 prisoners, did you visit your son? did you see your son?

Currently we are in front of Evin prison. I did have a visit with Hossein. The families of the political prisoners are by the gate outside of prison. They threw everyone out. There is no information about 20-25 prisoners who were injured and taken outside of the prison. Their families are here outside without any information. They had beaten my son, they beat him in the stomach.

Did your request for follow up from the Parliament members have any results?

Yesterday we met the Parliament members. Mr. Motahari was supposed to come here and see for himself, but unfortunately no one has come yet.

Is it clear who was responsible for the attack on the Ward 350 political prisoners?

The order for the attack came from Colonel (Faezi?). They savagely beat our children. He has threatened to do it again. The lives of our children are in danger.

Did the prisoners say this themselves, because the Prisons Bureau has completely denied this attack? What did the prisoners exactly tell you?

They sent a number of plainclothes forces and told them to beat our children. I saw my son; he said their lives are in danger. I plead and ask for help from all people, all the institutions, and whomever that could help. Our children’s lives are in danger. We must do something before something horrible happens. I ask the Representatives and MP Motahari to take immediate action.

How were you and the families of the political prisoners were treated by the officials today?

They threw us out of and currently we are standing outside of the prison. We are surrounded by guards. The family members are upset, everyone is crying. The families came here today and saw their children having been beaten. The conditions here today was pretty horrible.

Source: Kaleme

Unprecedented Violence Against Evin Political Prisoners Left Tens Injured And Moved to Solitary Confinement

Opposition site Kaleme reports in an unprecedented violent attack tens of Ward 350 political prisoners were injured and moved to solitary confinement.

In the raid on Ward 350 of Evin prison by intelligence unit of IRGC, the Intelligence Ministry’s agents and 100 Bureau of Prison security guards the political prisoners at Ward 350 were beaten by batons resulting in more than 30 of the prisoners sustaining injuries and 4 of the prisoners taken to a hospital outside of Evin prison.

Today’s attack of the political prisoners started after the prisoners protested and resisted violent inspection of the Ward. The entire incident which lasted for five hours was video taped by the guards.

More than 30 prisoners were injured, four were transferred to a hospital outside of the prison due to fractures and bleeding and 32 were transferred to solitary confinement after being beaten.

Omid Behrouzi sustained a ruptured vein, Esmaeil Barzegari sustained broken ribs, & Ali Amini sustained a fractured skull according to reports by Kaleme.

An unnamed prisoner suffered a heart attack & transferred to CCU in a hospital outside of the prison and a number of prisoners sustained broken arms & legs.

The prisoners that were moved to solitary confinement were handcuffed and blindfolded and forced to pass through a human tunnel of guards beating them as they were being taken to solitary confinement at Ward 240. The status and condition of those prisoners are unknown at this time.

Political prisoners, Abdolfatah Soltani,Mohamad Amin Hadavi,Saeed Matinpour,Behnam Ebrahimzadeh,Behzad Arabgol & Houtan Dolati are among those who were moved to solitary confinement.

Source: Kaleme

Mohsen Rahmani Arrested For Raising Mousavi’s Poster Sentenced To 7 Years

Mohsen Rahmani

Activist Mohsen Rahmani who was arrested by security forces for raising a Mir Hossein Mousavi poster at a Hassan Rouhani presidential campaign rally on June 1, 2013, has been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

During imprisonment at Ward 209, Rahmani was under severe pressure and torture. Rahmani’s release was delayed by Ward 209 officials, despite bail having been set and posted, due to his body bearing signs of assault and torture. He was eventually released on bail after 50 days in Ward 209.

His case was later tried at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Moghayeseh, which led to sentencing him to 7 years imprisonment.

On his Facebook, Rahmani described the charges on which he was convicted on as, “Insulting the Supreme Leader and Imam Khomeini in cyberspace, assembly and collusion with intent to act against the national security through cooperation with A.E. and the anti-revolutionary media, propaganda against the Islamic Republic and disturbing peace and order in a presidential election campaign rally by disorderly conduct and chanting slogans in support of the sedition leader.”

Sources: HRANA & Kaleme

Protesting Dervish Women Attacked, Beaten & Many Arrested And Taken To Evin Prison

During today’s Gonabadi Dervishes protest, the protesting women were attacked and beaten with batons by security forces, resulting in a number of injuries. The injured women were arrested among the other protesters arrested today and were taken to Evin prison.

Gonabadi Dervishes news site, Majzooban Noor reports 250 people were arrested during the last two days of the Dervishes protest. The site has published the names of 173 people arrested who have been identified so far.

Among those taken to Evin prison with their mothers, were 3 children ages 1.5 to 11 years old.

The following female protesters were injured during the attack by the security guard but were taken to Evin prison regardless of their injuries:

- Parisa Islami, sister of incarcerated Dervishs’ lawyer Amir Islami. She suffered broken teeth as a result of being hit by the security guards.

- Attorney, Mrs. Allaei. she suffered skull fracture and severe facial bleeding.

- Manzar Malek suffered a broken hand.

- Nazila Nouri, a physician, and Sepideh Moradi daughter of incarcerated Gonabadi Dervish member Hamid Reza Moradi, both suffered severe bleeding from their head and face.

Source: Majzooban Noor

The Appeals Court Has Sentenced Journalists and HR activist Kurdpour Brothers To Imprisonment

Kurdpour brothers

A year after their arrest, journalist brothers, Masoud and Khosro Kurdpour have been sentenced to imprisonment by the Appeals Court.

Khosro Kurdpour was arrested on March 7, 2013 in Mahabad, and two days later his brother Masoud was arrested after going to the Intelligence Ministry’s office in Mahabad to do a follow up on his brother’s case.

After 8 months of imprisonment, Masoud and Khosro Kurdpour were put on trial by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad, presided by Judge Javad Kiya, and after 3 trial sessions they were sentenced to a total of 9.5 years imprisonment.

Masoud Kurdpour was sentenced to a total of three and a half years. 3 years on the charge of “assembly and collusion with intend to act against the national security”, plus six months on the charge of “propaganda against the regime”.

Khosro Kurdpour was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on the charge of “involvement in assembling groups for the purpose of protests”, and one year imprisonment on the charge of “propaganda against the regime” and 2 years forced exile living in the city of Kerman.

Osman Mozayen, one of Kurdpour brothers’ lawyers, wrote in a post on his Facebook, “Khosro Kurdpour’s sentence has been reduced to 5 years imprisonment, to be served in Tabriz prison, and Masoud Kurdpour’s sentenced reduced to 3 years imprisonment”.

He also said that despite numerous requests by the Kurdpour brothers for a furlough, their request has been rejected each time by the court.

Source: Kurdpa

An Eye For An Eye: Man Sentenced To Gouging Of An Eye & Nose & Ear Cut-Off

According to Shargh newspaper, the Supreme Court has upheld the retribution sentence of a man identified as Jamshid for having caused a woman to lose her eyesight by throwing acid on her.

The Supreme Court sentenced Jamshid to gouging of an eye, cutting off his nose and his right ear lope.

Shirin, the woman who brought the retribution (Ghesas) suit against Jamshid, told the court that she and Jamshid were dating, but after a while she realized she did not like his behavior and tried to break the relationship. This was when Jamshid started to physically abuse and beat her.

Later, Jamshid was arrested and jailed for committing a different crime. After Jamshid went to prison, she met another man and they were planning to get married.

Last year ,after Jamshid was released from prison, he contacted her and requested that she meet him for one last time. During this visit Jamshid threw acid on Shirin’s face which caused disfiguration and blindness.

Jamshid told the court that he did not intend for her to lose her eyesight, and only did this to scare her, because Shirin betrayed him and was seeing another man.

After Jamshid appealed the lower court’s ruling, the case was sent to Branch 31 of the Supreme Court. That Court upheld the verdict as issued by lower court.

Source: Shargh newspaper

2 Men Were Hanged On Charges Of “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”

Two prisoners were hanged in Rasht (N.Iran) on charges of “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”.

According to the Central News Agency, Director of Public Relations of the Judiciary of Gilan province announced two men, ages 28 and 30, were hanged in Rasht’s central prison today, on charges of unlawful acts against Sharia Law, which in legal terms covers a variety of charges.

In the Islamic Republic’s Penal Code, “Acts Against Sharia Law” is a general term used for a number of acts that are considered unlawful according to the Sharia Law.

These acts encompass any action that has been forbidden by law and by the Islamic Sharia Law. Based on this, all of the actions that are considered a crime in the Sharia Law, such as the below list but not limited to this list are considered “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”:

- Lavat (sexual relations between two men)

- Masaheghe (sexual relations between two women)

- Zana (sexual relations outside of a marriage between a man and a woman)

- Moharebeh (enmity against God)

- Consumption of alcoholic beverages

- Sabolnabi (Insulting the Prophet and the Saints)

- Theft

- Ghazf (accusing others of Lavat)

And other unlawful acts that are encompassed by the general terms “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”.

The specific charges of the 2 men hanged in Rasht on charges of unlawful acts against Sharia Law are not clear.

Source: HRANA

Student Activist Maryam Shafipour Has Been Sentenced To 7 Years Imprisonment

Expelled Qazvin International University student activist, Maryam Shafipour has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran has sentenced Marymam Shafipour to seven years imprisonment on charges of “assembly and collusion with intent to act against the national security”, and “spreading propaganda against the regime”.

This banned from education student has been incarcerated at Evin prison since August 27, 2013. She was kept in solitary confinement for more than two months before she was moved to Ward 350. She was deprived of seeing her lawyer during her incarceration in solitary confinement.

Maryam Shafipour was convicted and sentenced to a total of 7 years imprisonment on the following charges:

1- Five years imprisonment on the charge of assembly and collusion with intent to act against the national security

2- One year imprisonment on the charge of membership in the Right to Education Council.

3- One year imprisonment on the charge of spreading propaganda against the regime.

Maryam Shafipour is the first student activist arrested after the election of Hassan Rouhani as president of Iran.

Maryam Shafipour was a Mehdi Karoubi campaign activist in the 2009 presidential election.

Previously it was reported by her family that she was beaten by her male interrogators during interrogation sessions for refusing to cooperate with them in giving a false confession.

Sources: HRANA & Saham News

Retired IRGC Commander Hossein Farzin Summoned, Arrested And Moved To Vakil Abad Prison

Hossein Farzin

Political activist, retired IRGC Commander (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), former city of Mashshad deputy mayor and television program director, Hossein Farzin, was summoned by the Revolutionary Court, arrested and then moved to Mashad’s Vakil Abad prison for the implementation of his 15 month imprisonment and the 20 lashes sentence.

Hossein Farzin was arrested by IRGC’s Intelligence Unit, on October 12, 2010 in a raid of his home. He was released after 3 months in detention on 300 Million Tomans bail.

Retired commander Farzin was in charge of advertising during the 8 year Iran-Iraq war at IRGC’s Khatam Alanbia Headquarters. He is also a disabled veteran suffering from respiratory complications resulting from chemical weapons.

Source: HRANA

Supreme Court Upheld Death Sentence For Political Prisoner Saman Nasim

Saman Nasim

The Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence of political prisoner Saman Nasim, currently imprisoned in Orumieh prison.

Nasim’s defense attorney had objected to the sentence issued by the Appeals Court for his client but the Supreme Court upheld the Appeals Court ruling.

According to Nasim’s defense attorney, Saman Nasim born on September 20, 1994 was not of legal age at the time of crime committed on July 17, 2011, therefore, Mahabad Revolutionary Court did not have jurisdiction over his case to issue a verdict.

Despite the objection of the defense attorney, after the case was reviewed by the Supreme Court, the Appeals Court ruling was upheld and Nasim was notified in prison of the court’s ruling.

Saman Nasim was sentenced to death on April 27, 2013 by East Azarbaijan province Appeals Court on charges of membership in the banned Kurdish group PJAK.

Source: HRANA


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