Torture in Evin

Journalist Saeid Pourhaydar has written a letter to Supreme Leader Khamenei describing torture methods used by interrogators in Evin prison.

Pourhaydar who was arrested twice post election 09, was detained in ward 240 (Intelligence Ministry) & ward 350. He was tried & sentenced to 5 years, suspended for 5 years.

Following are excerpts from Pourhaydar’s letter to Khamenei. Full Farsi text can be seen here published by RAHANA.

In his letter, he tells Khamenei that during his detention he interviewed his cell mate political prisoners & documented his interviews in 4 notebooks with 100 pages each. Pourhaydar says he will publish the entire interviews with political prisoners at a later date.

In his letter to Khamenei, Pourhaydar says he will highlight a small portion of what he observed in ward 209 & 240 of Evin.

Physical Tortures:

In ward 350 I met a 25 year old man who was subject to physical & psychological tortures for more than six months in ward 2-A (Sepah) for the purpose of obtaining a false confession.
He was subjected to urination on his face by interrogators, lashings on the bottom of his feet, being hit on his testicles to the point of loosing consciousness, long periods of sleep deprivation & beatings by multiple people at the same time. This man suffered a fracture skull & a broken nose.

The worst torture that this man suffered was: interrogators inserted a tube of P.V.C glue in his rectum, emptied the glue in his rectum & as it was almost totally set, they pulled the glue out.

This man is still in prison but despite enduring these horrible tortures, he has not agreed to give them the false confession.

Another Green political prisoner told me, they dropped him in a cold water tank, kept him in a cell with ceiling height of 1.20 meters for 10 days, made him stand in the cold for hours naked, pushed his head into a toilet bowl while flushing the toilet, interrogated him while naked & subjected him to sexual harassment. He was subjected to these tortures in Sepah’s ward, and is currently awaiting trial in ward 350.

Pourhaydar continues describing other forms of physical tortures used: Making a prisoner sit naked on the floor while the interrogator sits behind him beating him with a cable & a baton, making prisoner stand for long periods of time. In 2 cases this resulted in prisoners loosing consciousness.

Also, giving prisoners mind altering pills (which I experienced myself), hanging prisoners from their feet or shoulders, banging prisoners’ heads on the arm of a chair, kicking prisoners in their testicles, making prisoners lie on their stomach while 2-3 people stand on their back, making prisoners crawl on their chest for long periods of time.

Prisoners are severely beaten while blindfolded and there have been multiple instances of prisoners losing their hearing.

Psychological Torture:

In Sepah ward 2-A prisoners are subjected to mock executions. I spoke with a prisoner who was twice subjected to a mock execution.

Mock executions are done by going to prisoner in solitary confinement before sun rise & telling him they are sorry but his execution order has been issued. They take the prisoner blindfolded & shackled to ward 2-A court yard, standing him on a stool, putting a rope around his neck & telling him to give his last words.

A prisoner told me he was made to stand in this position for 30 minutes, telling him they are waiting for the prison warden & the medical examiner.

When 4 days later, this same scenario was repeated, they pulled the stool from under his feet but the rope was too long & he hit the ground while the interrogators were laughing & telling him he was lucky that the rope was too long.

In the case of a prominent political prisoner who gave false testimony after two months of being under pressure:

His wife & young daughter were brought to the prison under the false understanding they would meet with the prisoner & were put in a room with a one-way glass mirror.

They took the prisoner into an adjacent room, showed him his wife & daughter thru the one-way mirror & asked him if he was ready to testify.

When the prisoner resisted, the interrogator made a phone call. Shortly, 2 large convicted murderers entered the room. The interrogator told the prisoner that the men had been convicted of murder, were sentenced to death; that they had been in prison for a long while & had no contact with women.

Interrogator told the prisoner, “You either give testimony in court or we will tell these guys to get busy, while you watch”.

This is how this prominent political prisoner was made to give false testimony in court.

Pourhaydar finishes his letter by saying, as a journalist who has been recently released, he testifies that despite all the torturing and pressure inflicted on our Green prisoners, they are all standing strong with dignity.

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