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Execution of Fathi Brothers Amid Questionable Circumstances

Execution of Fathi Brothers Amid Questionable Circumstances

Amid questionable circumstances and much controversy over their case, brothers Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi were executed in Esfahan Tuesday morning May 17, 2011

Mohamad 28 & Abdollah 27, were arrested along with 5 other men in Mozandaran province (N.IR) March 28, 2010, and were taken to Esfahan, all were charged with armed robbery

All seven men were tried in a 2 hours court in Esfahan and all were convicted of Moharebeh (enmity against God) and all received the death sentence.

The Supreme Court overturned the death sentences of the 5 men who were tried with Fathi brothers but upheld the Fathi brothers death sentence.

Bijan Fathi, father of Fathi brothers, says he & the uncle of his sons were former political prisoners in the 80′s and he believes this is the reason for his son’s death sentences being upheld by court.

Fathi brothers’ uncle was sentenced to death in the 80′s but was pardoned. He spent 5 years in prison and is currently living outside of Iran.

Bijan Fathi says his sons’ mental health were effected due to their early childhood living under difficult circumstances in Abadan during Iran-Iraq war.

Mohamad & Abdollah Fathi’s mother said they only found out about the planned executions after she received a call from prison on Monday informing her of her sons’ upcoming execution the next day.

Neither the Fathi brothers, nor the parents or their lawyer were officially informed by authorities in advance of the executions as required by law.

Mrs Fathi says, the defense attorney in the case was not allowed to actually defend her sons in court, they didn’t even allow him to present medical evidence of her sons’ mental problems.

Mrs Fathi says her sons were tortured in prison to obtain false confessions. She says her sons were even threatened with rape & sexual harassment.

Mrs Fathi says the family had filed an official complaint against what she calls her son’s torturers. Both Mr. and Mrs Fathi charge that their sons were not given due process, their case was full of irregularities and their sons’ confessions were obtained under torture.

Source HRANA