Hunger Strike in Rejaei Shahr prison starts May 23, 2011

Number of Rejaei Shahr political prisoners who have been on interval hunger strike have announced their intention of going on a continuous hunger strike starting May 23 thru June 12 the anniversary of rigged presidential election.

Currently those on limited hunger strike add one day per week to their hunger strike. Last week they were on wet hunger strike from Sunday thru Thursday.

According to reports, Mehdi Mahmoudian, Issa Saharkhiz, Rasoul Badaghi and Kayvan Samimi are among prisoners who will participate in the hunger strike.

Continued pressure on the families of the political prisoners, banning of telephone use & solidarity with people are reasons for their hunger strike.

Reports are that Mehdi Mahmoudian who was on dry hunger strike for 3 days after being moved to solitary confinement, is in poor heath and has developed a serious kidney problem and has lost about 26 LBS.

Many of the political prisoners families and the Participation Front have asked the prisoners to end their hunger strike.

Source: Kaleme Website


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