Secret Executions in Khouzestan (S. Iran)

International Campaign for Human Rights reports their local sources have informed them of secret executions in recent months in Khouzestan (S. Iran) province prisons. These executions were not officially reported by Judicial authorities in Iran.

ICHRI had previously reported secret executions in Vakilabad prison in Mashhad (N.E. Iran).

Witnesses have told ICHRI they have witnessed families coming to prison to claim the bodies of the executed. Reports say that some of these executions were mass hangings and all executed were convicted on drug charges.

In some of the secret executions, families were not notified in advance and only found out when they were contacted to collect the bodies.

Secret executions mostly took place in Karoon and Sepidar prisons in Ahvaz, Dezful prison and Behbahan prison.

ICHRI has previously reported on secret executions in Birjand, Taibad, Ghezelhesar, Uromieh, Karoon and Sepidar prisons.

Source: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran


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