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Women Political Prisoners: Our Souls And Minds Have Been Raped Many Times Over

Women political prisoners in Evin have issued a statement on the occasion of “Women’s Day” describing some of the hardships inflicted on them as female prisoners.

Following is an excerpt from the statement issued by women political prisoners in Evin prison.

It has almost been two years since the 2009 disputed presidential election. In these two years, our country has witnessed much turmoil and clashes in the streets. Many of our citizens were killed on the streets of our cities and many men & women unjustly imprisoned.

It has been two years that we, away from our homes and in the hopes of a free tomorrow, spend our days into the night, in this space surrounded by walls.

Our hope for a brighter future is what sustains us and stops us from bending against the oppression and persecution inflicted on us.

We are a number of post-election women political prisoners who have been imprisoned on false charges and have been sentenced to years in prison away from our homes.

We have all experienced very hard conditions during our detention days. Not much attention has been given to the hardships we have endured. We find it necessary to inform the public of but a sliver of the illegal actions inflicted on us.

Unfortunately, because everything in this country is based on gender separation, what happened in the interrogation rooms was solely based on our gender. For the male interrogators to be alone in interrogation rooms with female prisoners, bringing up their sexual relations, should be an insult to the Islamic System. By sexual accusations and slander, they would try to force the detainees to make detailed false confessions against themselves and against others.

Of course we only have God and the interrogators as our witness, but tens of sheets of interrogation documents are testimonies to this claim.

Overall, the method used by the interrogators against some of the female detainees to break down their resistance have been verbal sexual insults and the bringing up of their sexual relations .

Therefore, we must frankly say that our souls and minds were raped over and over. Explaining all the details of this may only be possible in a private session with the Judicial officials.

Beatings and Torture: According to the law, use of torture to extract confession is illegal. However, use of torture to extract confessions, is readily used and is a normal occurrence in the Intelligence and Sepah sections.

Slapping on the face, hitting on the head, throwing objects and chairs at the detainee, hitting with fists and kicking and…. are some of the methods used against the women post-election detainees.

It is unfortunate that to this date no one has brought this matter up and no one has talked about it.

Against the law, most of the prisoners were kept in solitary confinement for months. This is a form of mental torture and is prohibited by law.

After arrest, detainees were banned from contacting families and were banned from visits. Many of the families did not know where their loved ones were being held.

Detainees were not allowed to see defense attorneys and only saw them during their trials. During trials, proper defenses were not allowed and the judges issued verdicts without paying any attention to the defender or the attorney’s defense.

Female political prisoners have been banned from phone contacts since September 2010. Many of these prisoners have small children and their phone calls were the only contact they had with their children.

Currently there are 32 female prisoners in the small hall of the Methadone ward in Evin prison. According to prison officials this is a temporary situation and they will all soon be transferred to Varamin. Considering all the reports of conditions in Varamin prison, this has caused much worries for us and our families.

Source: Kaleme Website