An Eye Witness Account of June 12 Silent Protest In Tehran By Dr. Mehdi Khazali

Following is an eye witness account of the silent protest called by the Green Path of Hope Coordinating Council on the anniversary of the 2009 rigged presidential election in Iran.

Dr. Mehdi Khazali, a former political prisoner writes on his web site: This is a small report on the silent protest as I witnessed myself:

On June 12 the city had taken a military zone atmosphere. Valiasr street was filled with security and anti-riot forces moving up and down the street. All the stores on Valiasr were ordered closed.

Despite closing of a stores on Valiasr, there was a large crowd of people walking up and down the street in silence. Among the people waling were security forces and Plainclothes forces.

A friend was talking on his cell phone. Apparently person he was talking to asked where he was. My friend answered, “Valiasr, Hemmat bridge”. The Plainclothes standing next to him asks, are you inviting people to come here? Than he arrested my friend and placed him in a van.

We tried very hard to explain the situation to them. After some time with the help of few Basijis my young friend was released.

There was 2 vans parked under Hemmat bridge. In less than 10 minutes both vans were filled with people they arrested. You can just imagine how many they must have arrested on Valiasr.

In the 10 minutes that I was standing there under the bridge, they arrested many people. They were mostly arresting young women.

I tried to pay attention and figure out their profiling system to no avail. Seems like they would just pick at random someone from the crowd that was walking in silence.

Seems like the anti-riot was using their own judgment in who to arrest. Perhaps they were arresting the more beautiful girls. I am not kidding, just saying what I saw. They were arresting beautiful young girls.

Maybe they saw these young girls as their war prisoners, maybe they just wanted to look at the more beautiful girls.

This was a hard and sad fact that I saw with my own eyes. They were arresting people who had done nothing but just walk peacefully in silence. They were not even chanting anything. They may have been just going back home or going somewhere else.

An old man felt sick and fell down on the sidewalk. A young smiling Basiji man went to help him get up. As soon as the old man saw a Basiji, he kept repeating that he was fine and didn’t need any help. The young Basiji saw the fear in the old man’s eyes and left. Others helped the old man up.

At Vanak square group of Basijis clad in black clothing were standing. On the back of their clothing it said “Imam Ali battalion”. I thought to myself, in the name of Imam Ali they are confronting the people.

Source: Dr.Khazali Website


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