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12 Brave Political Prisoners On Hunger Strike To Pay Tribute To The Green Movement Martyrs

12 political prisoners in Evin begun a hunger strike to show their outrage and protest the deaths of journalist Hoda Saber who died on a hunger strike protesting the death of Haleh Sahabi who was killed during her father’s funeral.

According to a letter published by Kaleme, the twelve prisoners went on an indefinite hunger strike on Saturday June 18 to protest the killing of two political prisoners and to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Green Movement.

These 12 prisoners have been in Evin for a long period of time, some since June of 2009. Many have endured months of solitary confinement and pressure and torture. Some of these prisoners are part of what was known as “Evin 17”, the seventeen political prisoners who went on a hunger strike September 2010.

Many of these prisoners suffer serious heath conditions they acquired during their stay in Evin under harsh conditions and torture.

Here is who these brave men are and a brief overview of their cases. Please support them.


Journalist and award winning Human Rights activist Emmadedin Baghi was arrested December 28, 2009. He was in solitary confinement for 5 months before being moved to public ward. Baghi is sentenced twice in two different cases. His first sentence is 1 year in prison and 5 years ban on political and civil activities. His second sentence is 6 years in prison for interviewing the late Ayatollah Montazeri which was broadcast on BBC Persian.

Baghi was imprisoned for his human rights work in 2007-2008 also. He was granted medical leave in 2008 due to poor health. Baghi suffered kidney, bladder and other health problems due to treatment he suffered in prison.

Baghi was also in prison 2000-2003 charged with “Acting against national security” for his Human Rights work.

Baghi is the founder of “Association to defend prisoners” and “The society of right to life guardians” which campaigns against the death penalty in Iran.


Advare Tahkim Vahdat (Alumni Association) Spokesman, Abdollah Momeni was violently arrested shortly after the 2009 rigged presidential election. He was beaten and bloodied during his arrest which included use of teargas by the arresting agents. Momeni was incommunicado for over 100 days after his arrest. Momeni was severely tortured by interrogators to force him to give false confession which he never agreed to do.

Momeni wrote a letter to Supreme Leader Khamenei detailing the horrific torture methods used to force him give false confession. He was kept in solitary confinement in a tomb-like cell. In his letter he spoke of severe beatings, long periods of sleep deprivation, his head forced down a dirty feces filled toilet and more.

Momeni was tried in the post-election show trials and was sentenced to 8 years in prison for participating in post election gatherings and actions against the national security

Momeni was one of the 17 political prisoners who went on a hunger strike in 2010.


Student activist and member of Iranian Freedom Movement, Emad Bahavar was initially arrested May 28, 2009. He was rearrested and released on bail two more time until he was arrested March 13, 2010 for the fourth time. Bahavar spent time in solitary confinement under heavy pressure by the interrogators to make televised false confession.

Bahavar was tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years ban on any and all media and political activities. He was charged and convicted on “Gathering to disturb the national security and propaganda against the regime”.


Journalist, civil activist and member of the Teachers Trade Union Mohammad Davari was arrested in a raid of Etemad-Meli party offices September 9, 2009. At the time of his arrest, Davari was editor-in-chief of Saham News. Davari was arrested as a result of his work with Green leader Mehdi Karoubi on gathering information on rape and torture in Iranian prisons.

Davari was under extreme pressure and torture to deny charges of post-election detainees rape brought up by Mehdi Karroubi.

Davari suffers from multitude of health problems due to harsh conditions and tortures he was under to give false confession. He was tried and sentenced to 5 years in prison on charges of conspiracy to act against the national security.


Member of the Reformist party Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization, Feizollah Arab-Sorkhi was arrested July 7, 2009. Arab-Sorkhi was tried and convicted of actions against the national security and propaganda against the regime.


Member of the Reformist party Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization, Abolfazl Ghadyani was arrested December 28, 2009. He was tried and convicted on charges of propaganda against the regime and insulting the president and was sentenced to 1 year in prison and monetary fines.


Head of committee to investigate and follow-up on detainees and victims of post 2009 presidential election, formed by Mir Housein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. He was arrested by Intelligence Ministry agents September of 2009 for his work on the investigative committee and for gathering information on post-election victims who were buried in unknown graves. Moghayseh is sentenced to 6 years in prison.


Student activist Hassan Asadi-Zeidabadi was arrested December 6, 2009. He was later released on bail but
rearrested August 23, 2010.

He was tried and sentenced to 5 years in prison, convicted on charges of “Conspiracy and assembly to act against national security, anti regime propaganda, insulting the president, participating in illegal gathering and disturbing the public”.


National and religious activist Amir-Khosro Dalirsani is sentenced to 4 years in prison for assembly and conspiracy to commit acts against the national security. Dalirsani went on a hunger strike along with Hoda Saber to protest the death of Haleh Sahabi during her father’s funeral.


Journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouei was arrested along with his journalist wife at their residence June 20, 2009. His wife was released on bail some months later. Bahman Amouei was held in solitary confinement for months before being transferred to ward 350. Amouei was one of the 17 political prisoners who went on hunger strike in 2010.

Amouei was arrested once before during a women’s assembly in 7-Tir square on June 12, 2006 and was sentenced to 6 months of suspended imprisonment. Amouei is currently serving a 5 year sentence.


Mousavi advisor and head of his 2009 presidential campaign Ghorban Behzadian-Nejad was arrested December 28, 2009 and was detained in solitary confinement for 74 days before he was allowed a visit by his family. Behzadian-Nejad is sentenced to 5 years in prison. He also was fired from his university teaching job.


Author, cultural activist and Deputy Director of Association For The Defense Of Prisoners was in solitary confinement for 2 months and is sentenced to 2 years in prison.