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3 Kurdish Political Prisoners Have Been On A Hunger Strike For 24 Days

Three Kurdish political prisoners in Rejaei Shahr prison have entered their 24th day of hunger strike but prison authorities continue to ignore their demand.

Alnour Khezri, Kamran Sheykhi and Seyyed Ebrahim Seyyedi launched a hunger strike 24 days ago to protest their condition in prison and to protest being kept in a ward among rapists, murderers and drug traffickers.

These three prisoners are demanding to be moved to the political prisoners ward among the other political prisoners in Rejaei Shahr prison.

These prisoners were originally detained in Evin ward 350 but in an illegal move, they were moved to Rejaei Shahr prison. All three have been detained in limbo status for two years now.

After their transfer to Rejaei Shahr, they were placed in the Quarantine section and were kept there for 50 days. Normally prisoners are placed in Quarantine for one day after their arrival in prison before being moved to the appropriate ward. Quarantine section lacks proper facilities and has sub standard sanitary conditions.

Ramezan Ahmad Kamal, Davoud Abdollahi and Ramezan Saeidi are three other Kurdish political prisoners
in Rejaei Shahr that have not been moved to political prisoners ward and are being kept among the criminals.

According to the Bureau of Prisons rules and regulations prisoners must be separated according to the degree of their crime.

The three Kurdish prisoners on hunger strike are demanding to be moved to the political prisoners ward. They have said that they will continue their hunger strike until this demand is met by the authorities.

Source: Kaleme Website