The Systematic Repression of the Women’s Rights Activists- A Report On Female Political Prisoners For The Month Of Khordad

The systematic pressure on the political prisoners and the repression of female activists continues in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the month of Khordad (May 22 to June 21, 2011) seven women activists were arrested, number of women activists who had been arrested & tried post-2009 presidential election were summoned to prison to start serving their sentences. Haleh Sahabi who had been furloughed to attend her father’s funeral lost her life after being assaulted by security agents at her father’s funeral.

Seven Arrests And Fourteen Home Searches:

Afrooz Farmanbardari was arrested after homes of numbers of Bahais in Esfahan, Shiraz, Zahedan and Tehran were searched.

Homes of Bahais, Sadaf Sabetian, Roxana Mirkazemi, Farzaneh Tahghighi, Anisa Rahimi, Vafa Misaghian, Shahnaz Samiei, Negin Ghadamian, Ayda Taef, Tolou Golkar, Noushin Khadem, Nasim Bagheri, Negar Bagheri and Azita Rafizadeh were searched by security agents.

In Anzali Port (N.Iran), Rahil Aashnagar was arrested in a raid of her home on May 31, 2011. She was released on bail on June 6, 2011.

Mourning Mothers (Laleh Park Mothers) member Mansoure Behkish was arrested on June 12 and transferred to Evin prison. Mansoure’s six brothers and sisters were victims of the mass executions of the political prisoners in the 80’s.

Journalist and activist Zahra Yazdani was arrested in a raid of her home on June 21, 2011.

In the last days of month of Khordad, photojournalist and documentary film maker Maryam Majd was arrested as she was preparing to leave the country for Germany to photograph the Women’s World Cup.

Thirteen Years Of Imprisonment For Women Activists:

Post graduate student and a member of the Participation Front Youth Branch, Saeide Kurdinejad who was arrested July of 2009 in Tehran university was sentenced to two years in prison. Her sentence was upheld by the Appeals Court.

Zhila Rezaei, of the Bahaei faith, was summoned by the City of Sari (N.Iran) Intelligence Ministry office on June 5, 2011. Her daughter Dorsa Sobhani was arrested last year by Sepah agents in Sari and was transferred to Sepah’s ward 2-A in Evin where she was detained for 45 days.

Dorsa was later tried and sentenced to one year in prison. Court of Appeals overturned her sentence giving her 1 year suspended for five years.

Journalist Mahsa Amrabadi was sentenced to one year in prison. She was charged and convicted of anti-regime propaganda by reporting and giving interviews to the press.

Blogger Ashraf Alikhani was sentenced to three years in prison. She was charged and convicted of participating in street protests and anti-regime propaganda.

Blogger Haniyeh Farshi Shotorban from Tabriz (N.E. Iran) was sentenced to seven years in prison, charged with insulting The Leader. She has been in prison since July 18, 2010.

In Person Visitation For Political Prisoners After Months Of Being Banned:

Two years after the rigged presidential election and a wave of arrests of political and civil activists, for the first time, on Women’s Day, May 24, twelve women political prisoners were allowed to have in person family visits.

Bahareh Hedayat was allowed an in person visit after 13 months. Nasrin Soutodeh after 9 months and Mahdiyeh Golro after 3 months were allowed to sit at a table and visit with their families.

Journalist Hengameh Shahidi was allowed a short furlough out of prison. She is currently in Evin serving a six years and three months sentence.

Summations And Sub-Standard Conditions In Prisons:

While arrests of women activists continues, more and more, women who were arrested and tried in the post-election events are summoned to prison to start serving their sentences. This is happening while the Women’s Quarantine Ward is already overcrowded and can not hold anymore prisoners.

Currently there are 30 women political prisoners in a 50 by 40 meters size hall in the Quarantine Ward. Number of the detainees in this room sleep on the floor.

Transfer Of A Political Prisoner To A Psychiatric Hospital:

According to published reports, women political prisoners suffer from lack of proper medical staff and facilities in prison. Detainees medical needs are not met and staff physicians do not provide proper medical care to them.

Political prisoner Zahra Jabbari was suffering from physical and psychological problems. Instead of granting her a furlough, she was transferred to Aminabad psychiatric hospital.

Jabbari is sentenced to four years in prison on anti national security charges, also, Imprisoned blogger Ashraf Alikhani also suffers from heart condition.

Reports Of Torture And Rape In Prison:

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the political prisoners in Evin issued a statement to Judiciary officials, describing illegal acts that were inflicted on them. Read their statement here

Also, on June 30, 2011 the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a video showing the testimony of a young women who was severely tortured and savagely raped in prison. This women’s testimony seriously challenges and puts under question the Islamic Republic’s denial of rape and torture in prisons.

source: we-change


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