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More Secret Mass Executions – 25 People Were Executed In Ghezel Hessar Prison On July 3, 2011

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports, reliable sources have told them on Sunday July 3, 2011, twenty five people were hanged in Karaj Ghezel Hesar prison, in another secret mass execution performed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These prisoners were all housed in ward 2 of Ghezel Hesar prison and most were convicted on drug related charges.

Like the previously reported secret mass executions by ICHRI in the cities of Mashhad & Birjand, these executions were also carried out without any notice to the families or the defense attorneys of these inmates.

These secret executions are performed while according to Iran’s Judiciary Law, families and attorneys of a person being hanged must be informed in advance and be present at the time of execution.

These same sources have informed ICHRI that in the past two years tens of secret hangings have been carried out in Ghezel Hesar prison which were not officially announced.

ICHRI has previously warned and has reported on secret mass executions in Ghezel Hesar prison and in particular in Mashhad Vakilabad, Birjand, Taiban and Ahvaz Karoon prisons.

In the last two years and since Gholam Housein Ejeii has become the Iran Prosecutor General, in addition to a sharp rise in the number of officially announced executions, there has been a sharp increase in the number of executions that are not officially announced.

According to reports obtained by ICHRI the number of executions performed in some weeks is much higher than the officially announced numbers.

In a press conference dated October 11, 2010, Iran’s Prosecutor General said he has instructed the Prosecutor Generals across the country to try the drug related cases in an expedient manner and sentences must be enforced without any delay or mercy.

In this same press conference, the Prosecutor General even implied that in some of the drug cases, some lower level drug dealers may have been hanged, innocent, instead of major top drug dealers.

He said, some of the people arrested for possession are not the top level drug traffickers and don’t make any money from the drugs. They have only been fooled and used by the top level traffickers, while the top level persons enjoyed comfort and safety. These lower level people are tried and even hanged in some cases.

Bureau of Prisons Chief, Gholam Housein Esmaeili has said that Ghezel Hesar prison holds the largest number of inmates in the country.

In a press conference Esmaeili said that the number of inmates in Ghezel Hessar prison are three times it’s maximum capacity.

Some sources claim that there are 30,000 inmates in Ghezel Hessar prison. So far, officials have not released any statistics on the number of prisoners in this prison.

In recent months, there have been abut 5000 inmates in ward 2, hall 2 of Gezel Hessar. Most of the inmates in ward 2 are on death row and are mostly convicted on drug related charges.

On May 25, 2011, some news outlets reported ten people were hanged in Ghezel Hessar. So far, officials have stayed quite on releasing any information regarding mass executions in this prison.

source: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran