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A Father’s Plea For His Son’s Life: Help, My Son Is Slowly Dying In Prison

In an short interview with HRANA, political prisoner Housein Ronaghi Maleki’s father said he is unaware of his son’s current situation and has only received information about Housein’s dire health situation by information he has received from his cellmates.

Ronaghi’s father says, “in the last couple of days he has gone to Evin prison many times to find out about his son but no one will give me any information, I don’t know what I can do to save my son from this situation”.

Ronaghi’s father says, in his last visit with him last week, Housein was suffering from kidney infection. He had lost control of his urination and said he suffered burning sensation during urination.

Mr. Ronaghi continued saying that they were previously threatened by the interrogators that if we continue to pursue Housein’s case and his health status, they will keep him in prison until he dies.

Mr. Ronaghi told HRANA that his son is slowly dying in prison and he requested for the Human Rights Organizations to take immediate action to save his son’s life.

On Wednesday June 6th, HRANA reported sources have told them Housein’s heath was deteriorating and that he had been shaking and trembling for 2 days and had suffered seizures.

Brief History on Housein Ronaghi Maleki:

26 year old blogger and human rights activist Housein Ronaghi Maleki was arrested on December 13, 2009 and was transferred one day after arrest to Evin IRGC ward 2A solitary confinement where he was held for 10 months.

During his solitary confinement days, Housein was under severe pressure and torture to give false confession which he refused.

According to Housein’s father he developed kidney problem during his solitary confinement where his only source of drinking water was the toilet bowl.

Ronaghi was tried in a sham trial and was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Lower Court, on multitude of bogus charges. Court of Appeals upheld Ronaghi’s 15 year sentence.

Ronaghi has gone under two operations at a hospital outside of prison but each time was returned to prison before he had recovered fully, against the advise of attending physicians.

Housein’s father says that his son has lost 80% function in one kidney and has lost 20% function in the other kidney and he also suffers from a 17mm gallstone.

The Intelligence Ministry interrogators continue to deny Housein medical furlough. His father’s attempts to obtain medical furlough from Judiciary have failed so far. Lack of proper medical treatment is putting Housein’s life if serious danger.

Human Rights House of IRAN