Life Of 3 Political Prisoners In Danger, Say Tabarzadeh, Ronaghi Maleki And Sharifi Families

In an interview with Freshteh Ghazi of Roozonline, families of three political prisoners warn of their deteriorating physical condition.

Families of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Housein Ronaghi Maleki and Kamal Sharifi warn that the lives of these political prisoners are in danger and they fear that a disaster such as Hoda Saber’s faith awaits them.

National and religious activist Hoda Saber died due to lack of proper medical care while on a hunger strike protesting the death of Haleh Sahabi who was killed during her father’s funeral while she was on furlough.

Saber is not the only political prisoner that has lost his life due to lack of medical care in the Islamic Republic’s prisons.

Manouchehr Mohammadi, Heshmat Saran and Omid Reza Mir Siyafi have also lost their lives as a result of lack of medical care in prison.

Heshmatollah Tabarzadi’s Heart Disease

In an interview with Roozonline, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi’s son said his father suffers from heart condition in prison and he is asking the international institutions to not let another tragedy occur in prison.

Tabarzadi, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Front of Iran is sentenced to eight years and has been in prison for two years now.

Ali Tabarzadi says his father is in very poor physical condition suffering from heart disease. He says even the EKG taken from his father in Rejaei Shahr medical clinic shows he suffers from heart disease.

He adds, “the reason for his father’s heart disease is the extreme physical and psychological stress that he has endured in prison.”

“Currently phone communications with Rejaei Shahr prisoners are banned, visitations are short and are from behind a glass window. My father is currently in a ward located in the basement of Rejaei Shahr prison. We constantly hear horrible news of prisoner beatings in this ward which adds to our worries and concern.”

Ali Tabarzadi says his father considers his arrest and detention illegal and will not request a medical leave as long as he is being kept in prison illegally.

Ali Tabarzadi says they found out about his father’s poor physical health two days ago but have not been able to obtain any more information. “Phone communications are banned, authorities will not give any answers and we don’t know what condition my father is in. His attorneys have been imprisoned or disbarred. His attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh has been imprisoned, Pourfazel is ill and Jahan Biglou is disbarred. We have to find new attorneys to pursue my father’s case.”

No News From Housein Ronaghi Maleki

Housein Ronaghi Maleki is another political prisoner in poor physical condition. His family has told Rooz they are worried about loosing their son.

Housein Ronaghi, known by the pen name “Babak Khoramdin”, a blogger and human rights activist, was arrested December 13, 2009. He was tried and sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of membership in the Internet group Iran Proxy, propagating against the regime, insulting the Leader and insulting the president.

His attorney Mohamad Dadkhah has said many times that Housein is a genius and does not belong in a prison.

On June 21, 2011, Housein was returned to Evin against the advise of his physicians after undergoing kidney surgery.

Housein’s mother told Rooz they received a phone call from prison telling them Housein has suffered a seizure but they have not been able to find out any more information.

Housein’s father Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki told Rooz they have no further information regarding his son. He said “They won’t give us any answers and they wont let us contact Housein; we don’t know his current status”.

Housein’s father adds: “Evin authorities won’t give us any answers, nor will the Prosecutor’s office give us any answers. Today we went to Medical Examiner’s office, they told us either the judge or the Prosecutors office will have to request information and they have not made such request as of yet. I called the Prosecutor’s office and his office manager said the Prosecutor has denied Housein’s medical furlough”.

Mr. Ronaghi adds that his son’s interrogator and Judge Pirabbasi’s office manager refuse to allow his son a medical furlough.

Mr. Roghani says that once bail was set, they did post bail but Housein was still not released. Mr. Roghani continues that on Wednesday he went to the Prosecutor’s office and told them about Husein’s seizure. He was told they had sent a medical team to check on him, that he is fine and not to worry, but “we don’t believe them.”

Mr. Ronaghi says, “If Housein is doing well, then why won’t they let him call us and tell us he is doing well? Both of Housein’s kidneys have been damaged. He has had two operations and doctors have prescribed medical leave for him. He suffers from a burning sensation during urination and also has a 17 mm gallstone. He needs to be treated and medical leave is his legal right”.

“They are denying his legal rights and when we give interviews about his situation they put Housein under more pressure. What can we do? Do we have any other alternative? I am afraid that my son will loose his life and no one seems to be concern.”

Mr. Ronaghi says his son needs medical treatment, “but for now, we urge them to allow him to call us so we can hear his voice and at least know that he is alive”.

“We can not stand this much worry any longer. What kind of law and Islamic system is this. We are extremely worried. We are praying that what happened to Hoda Saber does not happen to another prisoner or to our son.”

Kamal Sharifi Continues To Be On Hunger Strike:

Kurdish prisoner Kamal Sharifi is another prisoner that whose family is worried and concerned about his health. According to his family he continues to be on hunger strike in Minab prison.

Journalist and political activist Kamal Sharifi has been in prison for four years now. He was sentenced by the Revolutionary Court in Saghes to 30 years in prison.

Kamal Sharifi’s father Bayazid Sharifi tells Rooz he has no information about current status of his son. He says he heard the news of his son’s hunger strike from the media. He went to the Intelligence Ministry’s office but was not allowed in. He went to the Prosecutor’s office but did not receive any answers.

Mr Sharifi says he went to the Judge’s office handling his son’s case and asked for at least be allowed to have “a five minute visit with him so we can persuade him to end his hunger strike”, but was told by the judge “No, let him die”. “What can we do? They wont give us any answers, we don’t know what condition my son is in now.”

Mr. Sharifi says, the only news they have is that his son is still on hunger strike and was taken to the prison’s medical clinic. “We don’t know if he is in solitary confinement or is in the clinic, we don’t know his physical condition.”

“No one will give us any answer. We even went to the office of the Leader’s representative in Saghez seeking his help. They didn’t allow us to see him but took a letter from us and said they will pursue the matter, but we have not heard anything from them yet.”

Mr. Sharifi says, “we are extremely worried. My wife is crying all the time and is in very bad emotional state.

I don’t know what else to do. To whom can I tell about our suffering? We just want a few minutes with our son so we can urge him to end his hunger strike.”

Mr. Sharifi says, it’s been three years since he has seen his son. Since his arrest four years ago, they only saw him once in front of the prison when he was transferred from Sanandaj to Saghez prison.

“What crime have we committed? My son is a journalist. What has he done that they treat us in this way? If anything happens to my son, who is going to be held accountable?”

Mr. Sharifi told Rooz that his son was sentenced to 30 years in prison in exile and banned from visits for the duration. He says his son was only allowed a phone call once a week but they have not heard from him in over a month.

The only information they have is that his son started a hunger strike, protesting being held in a ward with hard core criminals. He has now been on a hunger strike for 39 days and they have heard that he is in poor health and not doing well.

Source: Rooz Online


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