The Violent Arrest Of Outspoken Regime Critique Blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali

Dr. Mehdi Khazali a blogger and physician and son of hard-liner member of the Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Khazali was rearrested on Monday July 18, 2011.

This is the third time that Dr. Khazali has been arrested in the past two years. In his blog, Dr. Khazali is often very critical of the establishment and of president Ahmadinejad.

Dr. Khazali, posted on his blog the night before his arrest about being summoned to the Intelligence Ministry.

He wrote, “Haj Agha, the same interrogator who wouldn’t give me his name, and told me to just call him “Haj Agha” contacted me and summoned me to the dignified Ministry of Intelligence on Monday afternoon.

I asked, is this to talk with me or is it to send me back to solitary? He said no just to talk and also to return some of your previously confiscated items.”

Dr. Khazali was arrested after he reported to the Intelligence Ministry. Following is an account of his violent arrest as witnessed by one of his friends.

This friend reports he was contacted by Dr. Khazali prior to his arrest to go along with him and be a witness in case something happens to him.

He reports: “When Dr. Khazali arrived at the Intelligence Ministry they presented him with an arrest warrant. Dr. Khazali told them this warrant is 10 days old and he already posted bond for it four days ago.

The agent replied that he has to arrest him and the Court’s instructions don’t mean anything to him. Dr. Khazali told him this warrant is illegal and I wont go with you.

All of a sudden three people jumped on him and throw him to the ground and handcuffed him. They placed him in a car, positioned him laying down with one agent sitting on his neck and one sitting on his stomach as his teenaged son was watching in shock.”

He continues that he followed the car carrying Dr. Khazali to Evin and says the agents kept Dr. Khazali in this same position until they arrived at Evin prison.

This witness also went to court yesterday where they had brought Dr. Khazali to be arraigned. He says: “After they brought the doctor in, I was shocked, he was in prison attire, handcuffed and shackled, with his bruised swollen neck bent to one side and accompanied by two agents on each side.”

The friend also points out that Judge Banihouseini had mentioned earlier that Dr. Khazali was rearrested by mistake and he himself had issued bail order five days prior to his arrest and he will tell them to release him.

The witness says after they arrived in the courtroom the Intelligence Ministry agents presented the Judge with a piece of paper. At the same time the Judge received a phone call from Prosecutor General Jafari-Dowlatabadi giving him instructions.

After this, the Judge said that he had made a mistake five days ago in issuing the bail order and revoked the bail and issued a temporary detention order for Dr. Khazali.

The witness explains that, in the courtroom Dr. Khazali addressing the Judge, exclaimed, “You are a ….Intelligent Ministry agent, even though my neck is broken and swollen, I won’t request medical treatment. I will start a hunger strike as of today and will leave my corpse for you to carry on your shoulders.”

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