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Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s Father: My Son’s Life Is In Danger And No one Is Accountable

Hossein Ronaghi’s father has once again written a letter to Tehran Prosecutor General, Jafari-Dowlatabadi warning him of the danger his son’s life is in and has once again requested medical furlough to be granted to his son.

Following is translation of Mr. Ronaghi’s letter to Tehran Prosecutor General:

In the name of God,
To the respected Tehran Prosecutor General, Mr. Jafari-Dowlatabadi

Respectfully, I inform you that in a letter dated May 26, 2011 to the Prosecution’s office I warned about the dire health situation of Sayed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki. Copies of the same letter were sent to Mr. Lotfi the head of the Revolutionary Court, Shahid Moghadasi Public Court, Deputy Prosecutor in charge of Evin prison, Tehran Medical Examiners Office and the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

This letter was regarding Sayed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s multitude of health problems that he suffers as follows:

1- Severe gallbladder pain due to a 17 mm gallstone

2- Severe pain in both kidneys

3- Burning sensation during urination

4- Frequent urination

5- Bleeding from his kidneys

I would like to inform the Prosecutor General, the Judiciary officials and Evin prison’s officials that I, his father, returned my son to prison healthy after his treatments, however, he has so far been denied medical furlough for needed treatments.

Unfortunately, the prison officials will not approve medical furlough for my son. They tell him that he is in a good mood and smiles and can speak.

Is smiling, speaking with others and the ability to walk what constitutes good health? What is the reason for the prison officials and the agents to treat my son in such way?

In addition, in a letter dated August 8, 2011, his physician had instructed the need for TVP Radiology to find out the source for his bleeding. His physician had also instructed that new blood work be done.

Due to Hossein’s dire health condition and excessive blood in his urine, on August, 8 at 11:50 PM, he was taken to Shahid Hasheminejad hospital. A series of tests at the hospital determined that he has excessive bleeding.

With gratitude to the respected Prosecutor General and the officials that allowed my son to be taken to Hasheminejad hospital for treatment:

I now ask the Prosecutor General and the officials, before we lose him to grant my son medical furlough, so he can be properly treated by specialists for all his ailments (gallbladder and kidneys)..

Lack of attention to the case of my son, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, puts his life in serious danger.
I ask for your attention to this, given that Islam is a religion of mercy, forgiveness, pardon, generosity and support for Muslims and the needy.

I would also like to remind the Prosecutor General, the Judiciary officials and the prison officials, that it was my son, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s 13 months in solitary confinement in Evin prison under severe torture by the interrogators which caused his problems with his kidneys and his gallbladder in the first place. And this, while these very acts (torture) are prohibited and considered immoral acts in the divine religion of Islam but no one is held accountable.

In conclusion I again ask of you to grant my son needed medical furlough so he can be properly treated under specialist physicians as is required by law and as was recommended by his physicians.

I would like to also let you know that Mr. Satari the office manager for Judge Pirabbasi in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court has some personal issues with me and stops my letters from reaching Judge Pirabbasi who is in charge of my son’s case.

Seyed Ahmad Roghani Maleki
Father of university student Seyed Hossein Roghani Maleki

Source: JARAS