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Imprisoned Journalist Isa Saharkhiz On Hunger Strike In Rejaei Shahr Prison

According to sources in Rejaei Shahr prison, political prisoner, journalist Isa Saharkhiz has launched a hunger strike as of Thursday October 6. He has also threatened to stop taking all his needed medication.

According to reports received by Jaras, Isa Saharkhiz’s physical health has regressed during the past 2 years that he has been incarcerated.

This journalist imprisoned at Rejaei Shahr prison,in addition to highly irregular blood pressure, suffers from severe back pain. He has three damaged vertebrae in his spinal cord that were damaged during his incarceration. According to a physician, if left untreated, it can lead to paralysis.

Considering the fact that political prisoners are allowed to be treated in a hospital outside of prison only with the approval of the Public Prosecutor, and the fact that it takes the Prosecutor months to issue such approvals, Isa Saharkhiz with four damaged vertebrae in his lower back and two damaged vertebrae in his neck, will soon have to use a wheelchair.

According to reports received by Jaras, doctors have discovered Saharkhiz has a cancerous tumor that is suspected to be cancerous and needs to be treated immediately.

His son also told Jaras, “Doctors suspected a cancerous tumor in his body and a biopsy should immediately be performed, but nothing has yet been done, and they do not give any answer to the family. He needs to be under the care of specialists, but, as I said, nothing has been done yet. My father also suffers from irregular blood pressure which needs to be treated. We have requested medical furlough for him numerous times, but they won’t even respond to our request with a no answer ,so they don’t have to explain the reason for rejecting the medical furlough.”

Isa Saharkhiz, is a member of the Central Council for the Association of the Defense of Press Freedom and is editor-in-chief of the banned newspaper “The world of Economics” and the monthly publication “Aftab”.

He was head of the press department at the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Education during former President Khatami’s Reformist Administration.

Saharkhiz was arrested June 2009 during the post-presidential election of 2009 mass arrests. He was tried in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Salavati and was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of insulting the Supreme Leader and propaganda against the regime.

During his two years and three months detention, despite recommendations by prison physicians, he has not been allowed medical treatment outside of prison and also has not been permitted the use of furlough.

The report that was received by Jaras on Saharkhiz’s hunger strike also indicated that among the political prisoners there is an elderly 83 year old man in dire condition, suffering from leukemia. He might lose his life if proper care is not provided, just like political prisoner Mohsen Dokmechi, who lost his life due to lack of medical treatment for his cancer.

Also, several reports indicate a worsening of sanitary situation in Gohardasht prison, and added pressure on the political prisoners and their families has been reported.

Source: Jaras


In The Most Free Country In The World, As Claimed By Ahmadinejad, I Received 74 Lashes For Insulting Him

Former student activist Payman Aref, after receiving 74 lashes as part of his sentence, said, “In the country that Ahamadinejad calls the most free country in the world, I was lashed for insulting him, I still have pain in the scars that it left and in my heart.”

Payman Aref believes that the flogging sentence, and also the implementation of it, was illegal.

Prior to his release, Payman Aref received 74 lashes as part of the sentence. Although he was not in good physical condition after the lashings, he agreed to give an interview to Jaras site.

Following is the interview with this former student activist and member of the Alumni society:

Mr. Aref, this flogging sentence was not carried out symbolically as these days they say they perform, right?

Not only they did not perform this flogging sentence symbolically. But I wish they would have at least followed their own ruling, meaning they should have performed the Taaizi flogging according to Article 609 of the Islamic Republic penal code (Note: according to the penal code a Taaizi sentence can be converted in lieu of fines, and if flogging is performed, it should not be harsh and hard).

Renowned religious scholars insist on the difference between Taaizi flogging and Haadi flogging (Note: According to the penal code, Haadi flogging is given for more serious crimes like adultery or consumption of alcohol and should be performed in harshest manner).

In the Taaizi flogging sentence, the person performing the flogging should not raise his arms up very high, should hold a Qoran under his arms so he can not raise his arms high enough for the book to fall, but they performed the flogging in the most savage and brutal way. They flogged me in the same manner that is allowed in Sharia Law for adultery and consumption of alcohol.

For exactly what crimes was the sentence of flogging performed on you?

For insulting Ahmadinejad, as per Article 609 of the Islamic Republic penal code. Judge Pirabasi issued the 74 lashes sentence in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court.

Where and how was this sentence performed:

In the Prosecution’s office in Evin, witnessed by Mr. Dehnamaki, the Office Manager for Public Prosecutor’s Deputy. The sentence was carried out in the most brutal manner. My Taaizi flogging sentence was performed in a Haadi flogging manner.

I asked them for a Judicial order. Right then and there I made a complaint to Mr. Jafari-dowlatabadi (Tehran Public Prosecutor). Right here, I ask Mr. Jafari-Dowlatabadi to issue a judicial order; that is if he really is the Public Prosecutor, which I doubt he is.

Was your wife present at the time of execution of this sentence?

My prison term was finished today. Since I was to be released today, they took me to the Magistrate’s office in Evin prison.

The assistant Prosecutor is Mr. Khodabakhsh, who was not present in the office. They did allow my wife to be present in the office. A masked person came into the room, and the person who flogged me also had a mask on his face.

They took me to another room at the end of the hallway, and, in the presence of Namaki, the assistant Prosecutor, they flogged me. The person flogging me raised his arm up as high as he could and hit me in the most brutal and harsh way that he could.

After being flogged, what did you feel?

I could not hold my back straight from the pain of being flogged and my heart condition is not good. On the advice of the doctors I took a shower but the pain and burning sensation is severe.

If there is anything you would like to say to the officials, or to Ahmadinejad, which for insulting him you received your flogging sentenced, please tell us here:

Every time that Ahmadinejad is in New York, he claims that we have the most free country in the world. However, right here in my own country, they flogged me in the most brutal manner for the crime of insulting him.

I only wrote a letter to Ahmadinejad explaining the situation in our universities. My letter still exists, I did not insult Ahmadinejad in that letter at all, I only said I will never say hello to him again.

I want to emphasize that the verdict given to me was illegal and the flogging sentence was performed in the most brutal manner.

Source: Jaras