Security Agent Directly Involved In Interrogating Political Prisoners Is Working As A Reporter In Syria

A security agent, connected with the current government in Iran, is covering the people’s liberation movement in Syria as a reporter for the Iranian national TV/Radio broadcaster Seda-o-Sima.

According to a number of post 2009 presidential election political prisoners, Hassan Shemshadi, who is currently working in Damascus as a reporter for Iran Central News Agency, was responsible for the production and recording of forced false confessions of the post-2009 presidential election political prisoners in Iran.

According to number of Green movement political prisoners, Shemshadi was even present at the interrogation sessions when the interrogators at Evin ward 209 (under the control of the Intelligence Ministry) and Evin ward 2-A (under the control of IRGC) put pressure on the prisoners for the purpose of obtaining false confessions for broadcast.

The presence of this regime’s security agent in Damascus, preparing biased reports of the liberation-seeking Syrian people, further points out the cooperation of the Iranian security forces with the Syrian security forces in cracking down on the popular liberation movement of the Syrian people.

In one of his latest reports, Hassan Shemshadi reported on the case of a female who was said to have been killed in Damascus. The Syrian national TV broadcast a program showing this girl, alive as evidence of the opposition movement’s lies and fabricated stories.

This story has an eerie similarity to the case of Saeideh Pouraghaei as well as the coverage that the Iranian national TV gave to the case of Taraneh Mousavi a few months after the 2009 presidential election.

It appears that the people who designed this form of coverage both in Syria and in Iran are working very closely together.

Source: Kalameh


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