Prisoner Threatened For Disclosing Details Of His Torture In Ward 209

Political prisoner Sayd Mohamad Ebrahimi was summoned few days ago by the Magistrate in Evin prison and threatened with heavy sentence for disclosing details of torture he endured in the Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209 in Evin prison.

According to reports received by Kalameh, this political prisoner was interrogated and threatened by a Deputy of the Revolutionary Court, who is a cleric.

This Judiciary official asked Mohamad Ebrahimi to deny the reports of his torture that was wildly reported by news sites, otherwise face heavy sentencing. Ebrahimi refused to deny he has been tortured.

This Judiciary official threatened Ebrahimi that due to lack of his cooperation, a not so bright future awaits him and he will be in prison for many years to come. He also promised Ebrahimi that if he denies the torture accounts, he will be released very soon. Ebrahimi refused the offer.

The main charge against this prisoner is his connection with Mothers of Laleh Park (The mourning mothers) and being the liaison between Mir Housein Mousavi and the Mothers of Laleh Park.

The Mourning Mothers of Laleh Park are a group of mothers that have lost their children during the post-2009 presidential election events and/or their children have been arrested, are in prison or are missing.

They demand the release of all prisoners of conscience and demand public trials of the perpetrators of killings and torture of their children.

Few days ago, Mohamad Ebrahimi’s sister. in an interview with Jaras site, revealed details of her brother’s torture in Ward 209. This resulted in the new threats against her brother.

In that interview, she said, “2 weeks after my father saw my brother in a psychiatric hospital in such dire condition, he passed away from deep sorrow.

Before my father passed and after visiting my brother, he cried continuously and repeated “look at what they have done to my son” .

The doctors told us that deep sorrow and depression caused his death. It has now been four months since my father passed and my mother also is in a very bad state of mind.”

Mrs. Ebrahimi said, “Seven moths after the arrest of my brother, we had no information on his status. After seven moths we found out what had happened to him. He told us that he had been in solitary confinement under torture. He said they beat him so much and hit him on his head so much that he now has trouble concentrating.”

Ebrahimi was incarcerated in solitary confinement in Ward 209 of Evin prison for the first seven months of his imprisonment before being moved to general Ward 350.

Two months ago he once again was moved back to Ward 209 for further interrogation. After completing investigations and interrogations and being transferred to a general ward, they returned him to the high security Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209, which is against the law.

As of yet no verdict has been issued for Ebrahimi and he is incarcerated in Ward 350 in limbo status. His cellmates say he is in very bad physical and psychological condition.

Source: Kalameh

Please read more details on the tortures that Mohamad Ebrahimi endured in Ward 209: Here


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