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31 People Holding A Birthday Party At A Coffee Shop In Tabriz Were arrested

HRANA: Security agents arrested thirty one young men and women holding a birthday party at a traditional coffee shop in Tabriz.

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency, on Sunday October 30, at 3 PM, police raided a birthday party being held at a coffee shop at Azarbaijan intersection in Tabriz, arresting 16 girls and 15 boys beating them during the arrest.

The arrested people were first taken to police station number 13 in Tabriz and then transferred to the police security station at Saeb street.

The transfer took place at 8:00 PM while those arrested were blindfolded. They were all kept outside in the cold & snowy weather of Tabriz for two hours while they were beaten and attacked again.

Most these people suffered numbness in their hands and feet due to the cold weather outside.

All thirty one people were released on bail later after being video taped.

Source: HRANA