Singer Arya Aramnejad Is In Solitary Confinement And Is Banned From Visits

Five days after his arrest, in a phone call to his family, Green Movement supporter, singer Arya Aramnejad informed his family he is doing fine but he is banned from visits.

Arya Aramnejad’s wife, Adeleh Ziyaei, on her Facebook page wrote that she spoke with him in a short phone conversation today (Sunday November 13) and he said he is doing fine, he is incarcerated in solitary confinement in Intelligence Ministry’s detention center in Sari (N.Iran), and is banned from visits.

Arya Aramnejad told his wife that he is being interrogated about the songs that he has written but he was unable to give his wife any further information about his case.

According to his wife, he seemed to be fine, except he is not allowed to receive any books or clothing from outside.

This popular singer’s wife said, “As usual, he sounded calm and hopeful, and said to tell all his friends and fans hello from him.”

Last night, on her Facebook page, Mrs. Aryanejad wrote, “Five days after his arrest, I, like many of his fans, am waiting to hear from him. It is painful that, while the Judicial system insists it is independent, and while the Prosecution’s office said I could visit my husband, the Intelligence Ministry has interfered and has prevented it.”

Mrs. Aryanejad stressed, “What caused the worry and eruption of anger, and hurt me the most, was my frequent trips to the Judiciary office, followed by inconclusive and contradictory reports from the trusted ,and not so trusted people.

For these worries and anger to cease, I stress my need to see my husband, to hear from him the reason for his arrest, his charges and his condition. I want to provide him with warm clothing in these cold autumn days. I know no one and no one more reliable than him that can be a source of reliable news and facts, and can put rumors at ease, differentiate true or false news about him.”

According to Green Movement activists in Babol, this popular Green Movement supporter was arrested in a raid of his home by five Intelligence Ministry’s agents. This occurred on the day when he had just returned from Court in the city of Sari, where he had gone to get information about the ruling of the Appeals Court in his case.

It has been reported that his arrest was violent, he was beaten and handcuffed in his home. The agents also performed a search of his home, confiscating the computer, his personal notes, music writings and personal documents.

Arya Aramnejad, a composer and song writer is a Green Movement supporter who released a famous song called “Ali rise up” after the events of Ashura (December 2009). Not long after the release of this song, and when the song became very popular, he was arrested by Intelligence Ministry’s agents on February 15, 2010 and was charged with anti-national security activities.

He was released on bail after spending 50 days in solitary confienemnt in the city of Babol’s Matikala prison and the city of Sari’s Intelligence Ministry’s detention centers. He was tried in Sari’s Revolutionary Court, was convicted and sentenced to nine months in prison.

Source: Kalameh


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