Political Prisoner Saeid Naeimi’s Wife: My Husband’s New Charges Of Espionage Are Unfounded

Saideh Islami, wife of Saeid Naeimi, member of Policy Council of Alumni Association of Iran (Advar-e-Tahkime Vahdat) in an interview with Advar news gave the latest status of her husband.

In her interview with Advar news, she objected strongly to the manner that her husband’s case was handled by the Judiciary, expressing concern over the physical and psychological torture that her husband suffered during his detention. She also spoke of new charges that her husband was arraigned on.

This brief interview is as follows:

Mrs. Islami, tell us the status of your husband at your last visit with him

Our last visit took place on Saturday. During this visit he continued to be in high spirits and remains strong and solid. However, he expressed concerns about recent developments in his case.

According to my husband, last week, without prior notice, they suddenly took him for interrogation that lasted for eight hours. Unlike previous interrogations, this time the interrogation session was conducted by the Prosecutor in the case.

Was he notified of any new charges during this interrogation session?

Unfortunately yes. They informed him of espionage charges, charges that are completely unfounded and my husband strongly objected to them.

During the interrogation, the Prosecutor in the case, told my husband that, “Actually, your charge is assistance in spying”.

My husband asked the Prosecutor for further information and told him that, if he supposedly assisted in spying, then there must have been a person or a group that were the main spies. “Who are they?”

He did not receive any answer. Instead, the Prosecutor proceeded to intimidate and threaten. They even threatened to arrest his family.

What is Mr. Naimi’s comments about this alleged new charge?

He strongly denies any allegations of this sort and thinks all of this stems from him not cooperating with his previous interrogators. Furthermore, his previous charges were all based on untrue evidence.

As in example, one of his charges was that he was the liaison between the Free Citizens campaign headquarters and Tabriz and Uromieh universities.

The Free Citizens campaign was formed prior to the presidential election and It is very natural that it should have a relationship with universities. This also was true for the campaigns of various other candidates.

Has a trial date been set for him?

Yes, his trial was to taken place shortly. However, due to the new unfounded charges, it has been delayed until December 29th, in order for my husband to prepare his defense.

How has the condition of his detention been so far?

Unfortunately, at the beginning of his detention, they transferred him to Tabriz prison without giving us any reason for doing so.

After his interrogations were complete, they transferred him to the drug traffickers ward, which has caused him much stress.

Also, while they arrested him, I myself witnessed how he was beaten by the arresting agents. Furthermore, according to my husband, during this time he has been subjected to physical and psychological torture many times.

Have you received an answer to your request for setting bail?

The Prosecutor in the case, during his interrogation, told my husband that they implicitly deny his bail request, his request for transfer to a prison located in the city of his residence and all his other requests until his trial is held.

Source: Advarnews


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