Journalist Siyamak Ghaderi: My Head Was Pushed Into A Dirty Toilet To Force False Confession

Former IRANA (The official Islamic Republic of Iran news agency) reporter, Siyamak Ghaderi, in reaction to the interview of Ahmadinejad’s media advisor with Etemad newspaper, has written a letter from Evin prison.

According to reports by The Green Voice of Freedom, this journalist, for the first time in his letter reveals the inhumane treatment he received predicated on the letter written by Javanfekr (Ahmadinejad’s media adviser) to the Intelligence Ministry ordering his arrest.

In his letter, Ghaderi addresses the person (Javanfekr), on whose order, the Intelligence Ministry arrested him and charged him with anti-regime and anti-Supreme Leader charges. He accuses Javanfekr and his allies of power mongering and amassing wealth.

This former IRNA reporter says, “Why is it that you did not speak up, but remained silent against the atrocities that occurred after June 2009 (The post 2009 presidential election events), but you only speak up when members of your inner circle were confronted with financial misconduct. Then, you called solitary confinement “illegal” and criticized the judiciary for not allowing lawyers for defendants.

Ghaderi, with two decades of working experience with IRANA, reveals for the first time, the organizing and mobilization of Basij forces under the direct supervision of Javanfekr for suppression of the people protesting election results.

Following is the complete text of Ghaderi’s letter:

In response to Ahmadinejad’s media adviser interview with Etemad newspaper:

Mr. Javanfeker, you are no journalist

Ahmadinejad’s media adviser, Javanfekr recently gave an interview to Etemad newspaper (this newspaper has since been banned) in which he tried to portray the ninth and tenth Administrations as “just and compassionate”, with a pretence of innocence. He gave convoluted reasons why he criticized the former friends of the ninth and tenth administration, that have now become very critical of their own unworthy creation.

In that interview, Javanfekr tried, as best he could, to sound as an unbiased journalist presenting documents and claiming the innocence of his inner circle and portraying the opponents as unjust. These claims, at first glance, gave the illusion that those close to the administration are superior, but under estimated his audience.

In the following text, I have done a quick analysis and will clarify the inaccuracy of his claims:

The President’s media adviser, in his interview claims, “The principalists have attached themselves to the government of Ahmadinejad”.

Apparently Mr. Javanfekr, like his circle of friends, seems to be under the impression that the six year rule of Ahmadinejad and his inner circle has brought positive results for the people. They seem to be very proud of their performance and say that their opponents’ actions are based on jealousy.

But has not their economic performance resulted in: drying up of capital investments, the destruction of agriculture, the closure of industrial units, inflation and unbridled corruption?

On the international scene: the complete isolation of Iran, tens of international sanctions, various military threats and sanctions, loss of strategic regional influence and ceding it to countries like Turkey.

On the political scene: closure and stop-work of many legal institutions, even, at one point, shutting down the office of the president.

In the field of culture and morality: it has been deviation from religion and moral values, increased violence in the society, increase in armed robbery and thousands of other problems.

This brilliant performance leaves no room for anyone to be jealous of others or to want to attach themselves to the president, the one who is responsible for all these tragic results.

He has claimed that “the wealth belongs to the people” and evidently he has concluded that “Ahmadinejad” must be the guardian of public trust!

We should remind him how much of this legendary wealth belongs to the people? Is it not that the sums that were deposited into the people’s accounts are offset by the increased cost of energy.

Perhaps he means the government’s election expenditures that, according to regulatory agencies, is currently being spent to send their selected candidates to the parliament. Or, perhaps the people’s share of this wealth, a mere 40,000 Tomans, compares to the trillions embezzled by the president’s supporters.

Mr. Javanfekr, in response to a reporter’s direct question regarding the embezzlement case, went as far as giving a magician’s answer. Instead of giving an answer, he responded, “They have not been able to prove that we are Ramals (people who cast spells on others) and Jinni catchers.”

All that needs to be said about group trying wield magic tricks is that, instead of giving a clear answer to a simple question asking about the 3 Trillion Toman embezzlement, you only responded that they have not been able to prove that your group performs Ramali (casting spells on people).

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of media adviser’s statements, was the part where he painfully described the hardships of solitary confinement and the hardships endured by the families of the prisoners.

He spoke of Malekzadeh’s sixty days in solitary confinement, his wife’s miscarriage, not being allowed lawyer visits, and the hardships of prison visits for his family.

Mr. Javanfekr, if traveling back and forth to prison was difficult for Mrs. Malekzadeh and if she suffered a miscarriage, perhaps you should also consider the back and forth travels of political prisoners’ elderly parents for the last two years, in the cold and the hot weather, from near and far, once a week, with the hopes of seeing their children through a glass window, is just for fun.

Then what about the heart attack death of a mother, suffered during a raid and arrest of her university student, and the death of a presidential election campaign activist’s father, who didn’t know the whereabouts of his son for three months.

Are they not part of the nation that you talk about. Perhaps they have to look like you people, or Malekzadeh, or Ahmadinejad to have the support of vast wealth behind them and to pour crocodile tears for them.

How amazing that you take from people’s wealth and, when you are questioned about it, you start screaming in objection.

Is is not so that the majority of the people arrested post-June 2009 events were just citizens who’s only crime was participating in election protests and chanting slogans expressing their opinion?

What about the citizens who had no access to vast wealth, where was your “voice of humanity” all this time? What about the wives’ and children of the political prisoners, from far provinces and cities who have to travel through rain and snow to come and visit their loved ones so they don’t loose hope?

But of course, unlike those of you who are used to living with easy money, the noble children of Iran are used to living a pious life full of hardships, without ever complaining, so the likes of you can enjoy your easy life.

Mr. Javanfekr, yes, you correctly stated that solitary confinement is illegal and inhumane. But does your compassion also apply to that young man who spent seven months in solitary confinement just for sending SMS text messages and Emails, and is today one of my cellmates who suffers from a psychiatric disorder? Or is it that solitary confinement is only wrong for those who embezzled large sums of money?

How about for me, who was illegally incarcerated for months in the notorious Evin Wards 209 and 240?

How about for that physician who spent nine months in solitary confinement and after two years is still being incarcerated under a temporary detention order? Is solitary confinement not also bad for these people?

You have correctly and rightly said that, “It should not be that just because we can, we should not do just as we please and summon and arrest anyone we please. We must follow the rule of law.”

I too thought something was wrong when I was constantly being slapped left and right, in a room with a stench from a dirty toilet that was making me feel like throwing up, and was being pressured to give an on-camera false confession against the Green Movement and Kaleme news site.

I too, thought something was wrong when they were pushing my head into a dirty toilet to force me to give a false confession.

I also thought that my work as a journalist, and as an Iranian who loves his nation and his country, should not result in this sort of treatment.

I also whispered to myself many times that people in positions of power should not be able to do just as they please. However, I do not accept these words coming from you.

Because, I still can clearly recall your handwritten memo to the security department in the Islamic Republic’s news agency (IRNA), in which you requested the Intelligence Ministry to confront me as anti-regime and anti-Supreme Leadership. The same memo that your co-workers faxed to me and a copy of which is in my case file with the High Court of Administrative Justice.

Dear brother, how come when you were indisputably riding the high horse of power, you didn’t consider these sort of actions illegal?

You correctly stated that the maximum time a person can be detained under a temporary detention order is 48 hours. However, I know of tens of my cellmates that have been incarcerated under a temporary detention order for over two years.

Your excellency never bothered to pay any attention and to add up these hours, while you were at the dignified IRNA agency or the slanderous Iran newspaper, or to see the atrocities being committed under a temporary detention order. But now that Mr. Malekzadeh and some of your friends are trapped in Mashaeisim (Mashaei is Ahmadinejad’s VP) your cries of complains are reaching the sky.

Mr. Javanfekr, I, in my seventeen months of detention, and many of my cellmates nearing the end of their sentences, have yet to be able to see our lawyers. And you have the audacity to complain about your friends not being able to see their lawyers after two months of detention.

You are right, people expect of you, as a journalist, to inform and to tell authorities for the people’s demands. But, do you only consider Malekzadeh and those connected to the movement that is known as the “deviation movement”, as The People?

Mr. Javanfekr claims that Iran Newspaper is a private institute. Even on the assumption that this institute was not started and developed with funds provided from the vast budget of IRNA. Then, what is your excellency’s role in this private institute, that has billions in assets, that you do not allow regulatory agencies to perform their legal right of auditing this institute.

Perhaps you are worried that the auditors will reveal the illegal funds used on advertising prior to the 2009 election at IRNA and Iran Newspaper.

You pointed out that Mashhad’s Friday Prayers Imam called you and your coworkers at Khatoon publication Moharebs (Enemies of God).

Isn’t it interesting for you and the others that now entrapped like you, by the same manner of excuses that were used to against the Ashura protesters (December 2009 mass protest on Ashura), “Insects and Deserving of Death”. The same excuse that was used to sentence many to prison, to death, and to exile to cities other than their place of residence.

The same people whose speeches you headlined in your newspaper. You who claim to be a journalist, well, in the name of God, what are you waiting for? There still are many who are falsely accused of being Moharebs, that are waiting for you to do your duty as a journalist. What about them and their families, why don’t you tell their stories.

You referred to the gray layer of the society that has the right to life and free speech. How come, on the heels of other devious works of yours, you are all of the sudden remembering the voters.

I remind you that in the post-2009 election events, 30,000 government employees were fired and their cases are being reviewed at the High Court of Administrative Justice.

They all lost their jobs for merely expressing their opposition to Ahmadinejad. As a result, the foundations of their families were shaken and some were even destroyed. Did they not have the right to life and a comfortable living?

Even now there are prisoners in Evin Ward 350 that in a taxi merely criticized and expressed opposition to, government’s policies. And, are now in prison under a one year sentence, charged with anti-government propaganda. Are they not part of the same gray layer of society that are your targets?

You have complained that some, by calling you part of the sedition group, have taken away your right to a comfortable living, and have made life very difficult for you and your “respectable family”, for, the families are innocent.

Blessed are the men of justice, like yourself, that reported the Intelligence Ministry’s fictitious scenarios of charges even before the court ruling, and damaged the reputation of a Moslem, against Sharia Law and against rule of law.

Of course, filing complaints and confronting these diversionary actions will come in the very near future.

You pointed out that, “Because of enmity with Mashaei, innocent people have been imprisoned and some were incarcerated in solitary confinement for 60 days”. You then added that God is not pleased with this.

You claim that the Intelligence Ministry did not heed your words. To prove that you are lying, I bring to your attention, the same handwritten memo on which you instructed the Intelligence Ministry to order three bloggers, two of whom were war veterans, to stop writing on their blogs.

After I refused to stop writing on my blog, you caused me to be summoned by the Intelligence Ministry numerous times, which resulted in my arrest and incarceration.

The result of you pointing me out to the Intelligence Ministry became my following sufferings: a three year prison sentence for even being present at street protests with the purpose of preparing an unbiased report on the protests, plus one million Rials in fines for calling your government illegal, corrupt and illegitimate.

Do you still claim you had no influence with the Intelligence Ministry? What a shameful web of lies.

Hypocritically, you run under the flag of the Leader but then you proclaim, “People recognize who is in line with Ahmadinejad and will select that person as the next president”.

You are just in love with the name Ahmadinejad, not the system, not the Leader, not the country, not the nation and not even your profession, journalism.

Unfortunately when other journalists were making reports from under the batons and tear gas, your Deviation Movement at IRNA was directly involved in managing and mobilizing the IRNA’s service and the Basij forces that equipped with helmets and batonس on Valiasr street (the scene of mass protests).

In part of your interview with Etemad Newspaper, you even set your sight on the next presidential election. As an example you said, “Why should the nation’s money be given to the Metro that does not have to be accountable for their expenditure.” But you spent millions at IRNA and Iran Newspaper on praising an incompetent government, and you refuse to be held accountable for those expenditures.

You claim that Ahmadinejad abides by the rules on how the public’s money is spent. With simple
multiplication and division the comparison can be made between the three trillion that was stolen and with what was given to the people , but was taken away from them.

You refer to the atmosphere of militarism in Tehran because the mayor of the city is a military man with no specialization.

Yet you forget that the government you support, is busy turning the top grade highways into second grade streets in Tehran.

Two years after the election, you and your friends have not been able to spend a night without the fear of a protest arising. Therefore, you have put to work your paid agents in all facets of people’s lives.

You accused Tehran’s mayor of slandering one the Ministers. You accused him of consumption of alcohol and you said he deserves to be punished by Sharia Law. All the while, you manage to forget how many false accusations, and how much slandering of our nation’s children, you put in your paper, as news.

This is the report card of you, and the government you support: You have put in chains the elites, our best are leaving the country, capable executives are no longer working, and you have closed the critical governmental entities and regulatory agencies. With such a report card, you still claim success.

Just tell us, in the ninth and tenth Administration, which non-military executive is at the helm of country’s affairs? Ahmadinejad leads the most militaristic state post the revolution.

One of the claims you made at the beginning of your interview, was that Mir Hossein Mousavi does not have popularity. This is one of those claims that really shows how divorced from reality you and your friends are.

If you dare, just let Mousavi speak to the people for five minutes, so he can show you how he can untangle the web of deceits that you and your people have woven.

Why are you afraid of letting freedom seeking people such as Mousavi and Karoubi speak to the same people that you claim do not support them?

If you truly believe your claim of Mousavi’s unpopularity, why are you so frightened of them having contact with the people and are frightened to free them?

To prove their popularity, it is enough to say that, even two years after the election, the arrests and beatings of thousands of their freedom and democracy seeking supporters still continue; supporters that have become a nightmare for you and your power hungry friends.

I find it necessary to distinguish between people such as your excellency and the journalists, writers, translators and workers at IRNA and Iran Newspaper.

They, like us, are prisoners of the distorted illusions of people who do not know God, such as yourself and your friends.

No Mr. Javanfekr, you are no journalist. Otherwise, you would have not been part of a devious and dubious Front.

Siyamak Ghaderi
Fired IRNA journalist
November 20, 2011
Evin Prison, Ward 350

Source: Nedai Sabze Azadi

Please read more about Siyamak Ghaderi’s case: Here


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