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Mohamad Nourizad: Why Does An Interrogator Have To Ask A Young Girl About Her First Sexual Encounter?

Journalist and documentary film maker Mohamad Nourizad has written his 14th letter to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Nourizad was arrested December 20, 2009 for writing and publishing letters critical of Khamenei and the regime’s harsh treatment of the post-election protesters. He was released from prison May 2011.

Mohammad Nourizad

Below are excerpts of his latest letter to Ayatollah Khamenei:

Nourizad starts his letter by speaking about death, and reminding Khamenei that we all will die some day.

He says, “The bird of death will pick us up, one by one, and will take us to a far away domain that it only knows where it is.

There is no exception in this. We will all go one day. Perhaps, some of us will go before you. So accept the fact, that the Leaders will die too.

Some, will go as a lonely shepherd. Some, will go as honorable peacemakers. And some, like Sadam and Ghaddafi, disgraced and dishonored.”

Nourizad continues with talking more about life and death and how some forget about the destiny that awaits us all.

He says, “We all encounter people who never think about the inevitable death, nor do they give any thought about their indecent deeds. They continue not only to destroy their own lives, but also the lives of others, as though they will exist as long as the universe exists.

They act as though they not only hold authority over everyone, but that they also hold authority over death. People who don’t think about death and think that they are eternal, do not hesitate to trample upon other’s rights and see people as expendable. For them, people are like sheep, tools, extras, stupid, and have no rights.

Nourizad continues talking about the people who see themselves superior to others and will not stop at anything to force their self proclaimed superior ideology on others.

He then invites Khamenei to go on a journey with him and see what the present and the future holds.

He says, “I would like to take your excellency’s hand and take you on a journey to see the tomorrow that awaits both you and us.

I want to place the bird of death on your excellency’s rooftop. I want to show you through my eyes the result of your actions in this world and the other world. So, please standup and give me your hand.

Think about the day that the national radio and television announcers will say, “We are from God, and to God, we all shall return”.

Nourizad than continues explaining that his aim in painting this picture is not to show Khamenei the mourning and cries of the people over his death, but to show him what will happen to the country if hardliners like Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi and many others who think that are eligible, take over his duties.

He talks about the complications that would arise if the ultra conservative Ayatollah Mesbah Yasdi takes over the Supreme Leadership position.

Nourizad says, “Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, has a specific idea and description for the authority of the position of Supreme Leader. He will not back down from his perceived authority which he sees on a par with God.”

In his letter, Nourizad continues to talk about the Sepah’s authority and influence in the economy sector. He talks about how Sepah has become untouchable and no one can criticize their actions and authority, as they have risen above the law.

He takes Khamenei on a journey further into the future, painting a picture of what is to come. He then takes him back to the past and talks about the time Khamenei was selected to become the Supreme Leader.

Nourizad continues criticizing Khamenei for his actions and for him not abiding by the rule of law, in his self- proclaimed position of the Supreme Leader, for life.

Nourizad then invites Khamenei back to the present time and brings his attention back to the atrocities that exist under his current rule.

He talks about the Iranian Diaspora that had to leave the country seeking shelter in foreign countries to stay safe from false accusations and being harassed in their own country. He talks about the genius minds that have left the country to flee the oppression that exists in our country.

He continues by inviting Khamenei to take a visit with him to the many people that are imprisoned in solitary confinement for various reasons.

He tells Khamenei that he has previously spoken with him about some of the Intelligence Ministry’s agents. He tells him that he (Khamenei) is well aware of the evil actions of these agents and knows well what they do to the accused prisoners.

He says, “Let us pay a visit to few of these monster agents that are working to preserve the System, so we can see what the evil Intelligence Ministry does to the victims.

No, no, I don’t intend for us to visit the visit the solitary confinements. Let these monsters continue to preserve the system by forcing “Hamzeh Karami’s” head into a dirty toilet bowl. Let us not bother them.

In an adjacent cell, the intelligence “brothers”, for the purpose of “saving the system”, are showing a video to one of your opponents. A video that they made by hidden cameras in his bedroom. They are threatening him with making this secretly made video public. Let us leave for now, I am getting sick, just like you.”

Nourizad then goes on describing an interrogation session and says, “The accused is a young girl. A university student. They take her to the interrogation room blindfolded.

They make her sit on a chair placed in the corner of the room. Then the interrogator enters the room.

The young girl stands up as a sign of respect. The interrogator shouts, “Sit down you slut”. The young girl answers a few question with a respectful tone of voice. The interrogator shows his true character by shouting again and saying, “Don’t talk to me in that tone of voice you slut”.

What is the young girl guilty of? Student protest in the university. Then why is the interrogator asking her to describe her first sexual encounter?

This is their usual ploy, a synergy with two purposes. This ploy, first demoralizes the accused and secondly, gives pleasure to the interrogator.

The young girl shyly denies the sexual encounter but is shaken by the loud scream of the interrogator.

Why are you looking away my dear sir, take a good look. These have been and are the tactics of your Intelligence Ministry.

Oh God, and think of all the unnamed victims, no one ever heard their voice, and no one ever heard about the atrocity that was committed against their soul.

The girl has no choice, she has to answer to this monster.

G- It was only once.
M- Tell me.
G- What should I say?
M- Tell me everything, all the details.
G- Why all the details? I told you it was only once.
M- Don’t be smart you dirty slut, tell me everything.

The girl starts to explain saying it was a boy…….then she starts to cry. The monster kicks the chair. All the girl can think about now is the warm embrace of her parents…..

In that cell, the monster seems to be enjoying himself by the girl describing her first sexual encounter. The girl is sweating profusely with embarrassment.

What am I saying, the poor girl is but a speaking corpse by now. This interrogation session lasts for 7 hours, 6 hours of which were her describing every detail of her sexual encounter.

She was in prison for eight months. When she was released, she was like an old woman. Can you see my dear sir.”

Nourizad then continues with taking Khamenei to the cell that he himself was incarcerated in and describes what happened to him there.

He continues telling Khamenei how his opponents are arrested in the middle of the night by raiding their homes and pulling them out of bed and placing them in a sack right in front of their frightened family.

Nourizad continues in his letter with criticisms of Sepah, of the financial misconducts and embezzlements, of the Judiciary system and of many of the high ranking clergy and officials in the country.

He than talks about the Green leaders, Mousavi and Karoubi and criticizes Khamenei for arresting them. He tells him that, by arresting them, their status and popularity has soared among the people while Khamenei’s has sharply decreased.

He tells Khamenei that if he thinks they are guilty of anything then why not put them on trial. He asks Khamenei what would he have liked for them to do if their situation was reversed.

He then takes Khamenei to this scene: “Look at these two rows of seats. The first row is in a bright horizon and the second row is in dark horizon.

In the bright horizon, there sit Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and other Noble people like them. In the dark horizon, there sit Sadam & Ghaddafi and evil people like them.

Next to each row there is an empty chair, for you, and for your choosing. Which will you choose, next to Gandhi and Mandela, or next to Sadam and Ghaddafi?”

Nourizad concludes his letter by yet again advising Khamenei to return to the people’s will and wishes and tells him there still is time to do the right thing.

Source: Nourizad