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Incarcerated Student Activist Maziyar Yazdanniya Is Beaten In Prison

In the continuing harassment and putting pressure on the incarcerated student activists in Babol’s Matikalla prison, Maziyar Yazdanniya was beaten by criminal prison inmates.

Maziyar Yazdanniya, Rahman Yaghoubi and Ali Abbasi were three of the student activists who were arrested among many other student activists during the 2009 protests in Mazandaran (N.Iran). They were all tried and sentenced to six months suspended sentence.

Last month, in an unexpected move, Bobol’s Prosecutor informed these three students among few others that their suspended sentence has been converted to in prison sentence.

Reports indicate that in the past, the officials at Matikalla prison have put political prisoners among dangerous criminals as a form of punishment and putting pressure on them.

Maziyar Yanzdanniya was arrested in 2009 and was incarcerated in the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center for one month.

Even though he only has been back in prison for about three weeks, but he has been attacked and beaten by other prisoners three times already.

One of Maziyar’s friend’s says, “About ten days ago, Maziyar was attacked and beaten by one the dangerous criminals in prison only because he was laughing loud.

After this attack, no apparent reason, Maziyar was placed in solitary confinement by prison officials . However, few days later they returned him to the same section among the criminals. Maziyar has been attacked by other prisoners twice more since returning to the section.

One of Maziyar’s friend’s says, “All of our friends that were arrested or summoned by the Intelligence office were told that if Mazandaran university does not quite down, they will review all the closed cases and will change all the suspended sentences to in-prison sentences.

With changing of the suspended sentences of these three students, it seems like the Judiciary has already started doing so. This only shows that the Mazandaran Judiciary does not operate independently any longer.

In a phone conversation with his family, Maziyar told them he is being additionally charged for “Insulting the sacred and insulting the Supreme Leader”.

Ali Akbar Soroush, Alireza Falahati, Alireza Shahiri and Ahmad Miri are four other political prisoners that currently are in the city of Babol’s Matikalla prison.

Source: Kalameh