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Political Prisoner Mohamad Javad Lari Has Been Sentenced To Death Once Again

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court’s presiding Judge, Salavati, has once again sentenced Mohamad Javad Lari to death.

Judge Salavati had before issued a death sentence for Javad Lari. Upon appeal, the Supreme Court over turned the death sentence and sent the case back to Judge Salavati’s court.

Javad Lari was arrested last year and was tried and sentenced to death by Judge Salavati. The death sentence was overturned by Judge Biyazi, the presiding Judge at Branch 32 of the Supreme Court. The case was returned to Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Salavati.

Judge Salavati sentenced Javad Lari to death once again based on the testimony from an Intelligence Ministry’s agent and based on Javad Lari’s support of the Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO) in the 80’s.

It should be noted that Intelligence Ministry’s special interrogator for Mojahedin members, Alavi, met with Javi Lari in Evin Ward 350 sometime ago and told him, “You have lived on borrowed time since the 80’s. You should have been executed at that time.”

57 years old Javd Lari suffers from heat ailment and in was sent to hospital from Evin prison several times in recent months.

Source: HARANA

PS: Javad Lari was a political prisoner in the 80’s. He was in prison for three years charged with supporting MKO. Javad Lari, a well known Tehran Bazar businessman was arrested September 2009.