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Dr. Mehdi Khazali: “I Will Go On A Hunger Strike Until Martyrdom”

Dr. Mehdi Khazali was violently arrested on Monday for the 5th time and was taken to Evin prison.

On Monday afternoon, agents violently arrested Dr. Khazali in an ambush. Dr. Khazali had received a summon from Branch 9 of the Revolutionary Court, but before he had a chance to appear in court he was arrested in an ambush and was charged with new charges.

The new charges stem from a post on Dr. Khazali’s blog called “Janati Nameh” in which he wrote “Ayatollah Janati’s inner child has died due to old age.”

Dr. Khazali has been arrested number of times since the 2009 rigged presidential election. His last arrest was last July. That arrest was also a violent arrest during which time Dr. Khazali suffered injuries.

He was released on bail after launching a hunger strike which lasted for 30 days.

Dr. Khazali, an Ophthalmologist, is the son of hard line cleric Ayatolla Khazali, a staunch supporter of Ayatollah Khamenei. Ayatollah Khazali has publicly denounced and distanced himself from his son’s positions.

Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s son wrote an account of his father’s arrest on his Facebook:

“Today after I was returning from finishing my exams, I received a phone call from my fathers office saying that he was involved in an accident at N. Kargar street and Abdinejad alley.

I immediately went to the location. I saw my father sitting in a car with 2 agents sitting on either side of him.

I asked around to find out what had happened. I was told that my father was passing on his motorbike, when an agent sitting in a car opened the door and hit my father causing him to fall to the ground.

Then 4 Intelligence Ministry’s cars showed up and the agents arrested my father. My father suffered broken teeth, his right arm was broken, and suffered knee injury as well.

They took my father to the same court which had issued a warrant for his arrest. I went to the same court. My father was arraigned in court while he was bleeding and was injured.

They issued a temporary detention order for my father. As they were taking him out of the courtroom, my father shouted, “I will go on a hunger strike and will stay on it until martyrdom, I will not touch their food.”

When I reached outside, I saw my father was inside an Intelligence Ministry’s car with 4 agents inside. One of the agents had one hand on his mouth and his other hand was pushing on my father’s broken arm.

My father was screaming, and I was screaming, what are you doing? They left soon after I got outside.”

source: Kalameh