Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

Mehdi Karoubi Under More Strict Restrictions, Banned From Visits And In Solitary

While opposition leader Mehdi Karoubi has been detained under house arrest for nearly a year, with minimal resources, and deprived of a citizens rights, he has now been put under more restrictions and even family visits have now been banned.

Hossein Karoubi (Karoubi’s son) has told Kalameh that, “Since the day that Mr. Karoubi sent a message via my mother, Fatemeh Karoubi, regarding the upcoming parliamentary election, calling it a rigged election, they have banned my mother’s weekly visits with my father.

Furthermore, they have stopped giving him the two daily newspapers that, for a short period of time, they had been providing as reading material . My father now lives in a small apartment in solitary”.

Previously, Mrs. Karoubi, in meeting with pre-revolution political prisoners, indicated that, “Mr. Karoubi had asked me to inform the public about the upcoming elections, and I did so.

But after his message was published they stopped my visits with him and their treatment and conduct has become extremely rude.”

A while ago, Mehdi Karoubi had sent out a message regarding the upcoming election, saying, “The gentlemen are planning to organize a rigged and forced election process without any regards or respect for the people’s vote”.

Source: Kalameh