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Blogger/HR Activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki Is Under Pressure To Give A False Confession

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki is being pressured to give a televised false confession against himself and his cellmates.

Ronaghi’s father told HRANA reporter, that his son was taken out of Ward 350 on Saturday January 28 for the purpose of giving a televised false confession.

The father of this political prisoner told HARANA, “My son’s interrogators told him they did not intend to give him such heavy prison sentence but to obtain his freedom he must give them a false confession.

They returned my son to Ward 350 after he refused to accept the interrogators’ offer.”

Ahmad Ronaghi Malkei added, “I request from all the officials, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, the prison officials and Tehran’s Prosecutor to put an end to this lawlessness.

My son has lost 20% functionality in one kidney and 80% in the other kidney. If anything happens to my son, the interrogators, the bureau of prisons and the Prosecutor are all responsible.”

It should be noted that on Saturday another prisoner incarcerated in Ward 350, Hossein Asghari, was forced to give an on camera false confession against himself and his friends.

Source: HRANA