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On Day 30 Of Hunger Strike, Dr. Mehdi Khazali Vows To Remain On Hunger Strike Until Martyrdom

In response to a letter issued by Mohamad Nourizad and the widows of Iran-Iraq war heroic martyrs, Bakeri and Hemat, urging Dr. Mehdi Khazali to end his hunger strike, Dr. khazali has sent out a letter from Evin prison.

Author, critic and blogger, Dr. Mehdi Khazali is incarcerated in Evin prison and has been on a hunger strike for one month.

On day 25 of his hunger strike, Dr. Khazali was taken to the medical clinic in Evin suffering stomach bleeding due to complications from the hunger strike.

It has been reported that Dr. Khazali is in poor health and has already lost about 35 lbs, but has vowed to remain on his hunger strike.

Following is the text of Dr. Khazali’s letter:

In the name of God of the martyrs:

My dear brother Mohamad Nourizad and honorable widows of fellow war hero martyrs Hemat and Bakeri:

I received your kind message, and here’s my gratitude for your kindness. However, this Humble soul has stayed behind the caravan of love, but, perhaps a door to heaven may have opened to allow me to pay my dues.

Before I die mourning for the lost values of the Revolution, please allow me to sacrifice my life, to restore the pure values of the Islamic Revolution, so I may make a place for myself among the martyrs.

Today and everyday, more and more we witness the slaughtering of the values of the Islamic Revolution. More than ever, this plant needs giving and self-sacrifice.

Dear friends, instead of asking me to break my hunger strike, ask them to put an end to these illegal imprisonments.

I will stand until martyrdom, and if God excepts my act and allows me to join the martyrs, I will say hello to Martyrs Hemat and Bakeri on your behalf.

Peace and mercy of God upon you

Mehdi Khazali
February 6, 2012

Source: Kalameh