Dr. Khazali’s Letter From Evin To His Wife: My Tears And Your Tears Will Uproot This Tyranny

Update: Dr. Khazali was taken to the clinic in Evin prison last night with heart problems, after a an EKG was taken, doctors determined he should be admitted to a hospital. He was sent to Taleghani hospital and was admitted to the CCU. Despite his grave condition, Dr. Khazali has refused to end his hunger strike.

Outspoken regime critic, author and blogger, Dr. Mehdi Khazali on the 40th day of his hunger strike, has written a letter to his wife.

After 40 days on hunger strike, Dr. Khazali is weak and has lost a lot of weight. Despite the fact that he has been taken to the clinic in Evin number of times, he refuses heed the request of his cellmates, his family and political activists to break his hunger strike.

Dr. Khazali has been sentenced to fourteen years in prison, to be served in Borazjan prison, plus ninety lashes. As part of his sentence. he has been sentenced to ten years exiled in Borazjan, Boushehr province in south Iran, after the completion of his prison term.

Following is the letter that Dr. Khazali wrote to his wife on the 40th day of hunger strike, as provided to Kamaleh by anonymous friends of the Green Movement from Evin prison.

In the name of God the Merciful:

My dear wife, greetings, with utmost love. I know you have faith in our love; I know how eager you are to hear my voice. I know that you know that I hear murmurs of your angelic voice of affection within me that give me energy.

But your voice seems tired. I found you tired and troubled; you were moaning in my mourning.

It is very difficult to watch the mourning of one’s wife and children, from a self chosen slow death.

Right now that I am writing this letter to you, I have immersed myself in the solitude of my bed. I have cried so much for your hardships that there is not a dry spot on my pillow and a handkerchief is not big enough for wiping away these tears.

It is a good feeling. I call on my bunk bed neighbor below and ask for a piece of paper so I can write down these feelings.

He offers me all the paper he has and says, “write down what your heart desires”. But tears won’t allow me, you can see the footprint of my tears on the paper.

It’s difficult, so difficult, to see your wife and children cry and mourn for your self-chosen slow death, and you witness them mourning you.

It’s difficult to control yourself. You cannot see their sorrow and agony and not cry and cry yourself. But you have to be careful for this love and tears not to become a hindrance and shackles.

But no, these tears are the kind of tears shed for Saydolshohada (Imam Hossein) and the tears for the sufferings of Zaynab Kobra (Imam Ali’s third daughter). It cleanses the heart and makes one more determined.

These kind of tears will not make us lose our footing and tremble on our path. It is the eruption of pure love for one’s wife and children, and the weeping over the hardships and the sufferings they endure.

May all of them be sacrificed for Zainab, peace be upon her, as they are not above the prophet’s family.

My dears, my tears and your tears must be like the weeping for Hossein, son of Ali, peace be upon him, and should cause more striving, movement and effort toward our goal. They must become the two wings with which we can fly to reach the true beloved.

We must become like a roaring flood that uproots tyranny and oppression. So come and let us cry and cry together; these tears will uproot tyranny.

Mehdi Khazali
Ward 350 Evin

Source: Kalameh


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