Dr. Mehdi Khazali Was In Court Sunday, Looking Frail And Unable To Walk By Himself

On Sunday, on his 49th day of hunger strike, Dr. Mehdi Khazali was taken from Evin prison to Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court.

Looking frail and thin and unable to walk by himself without a cane and the help of other people, Dr. Khazali was in court to receive and read the Court’s verdict from his previous trial and to take notes to prepare himself for defense in the Court of Appeals.

The office manager In the Branch 26, named Satari, reacted to Dr. Khazali in a very harsh and rude manner.

This person’s rude actions were to the extend that it surprised Dr. Khazali’s lawyer and the other people present in there.

After Dr. Khazali read the verdict issued by Judge Pirabbasi last month, he asked Satari for a pen and paper so he could take notes, but was once again insulted with the aggressive behavior of Satari, who refused to provide pen and paper to him.

Dr. Khazali told Satari that, “If I am to defend myself, I need paper and pen to make notes, this is my right”. However, Satari continued to be insulting and refused to provide pen and paper. This made Dr. Khazali, who was very weak and in poor condition after being on a hunger strike for 49 days, very upset.

Dr. Khazali attempted to stand up by himself and leave the office as a sign of protest, but being very weak from the 49 day hunger strike, he fell and hit his head on the ground hard.

The agents who had brought him there helped him up and took him back to Evin prison.

Previously, Dr. Khazali, responding to Ahmad Montazeri, urging him to end his hunger strike, had said, “Perhaps my martyrdom will cause an end to the rampant injustice in the Revolutionary Courts.”

How Mr. Satari, the office manager for Branch 26 acted confirms the rampant lawlessness in the Revolutionary Courts as Dr. Khazali said.

Source: Baran


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