Dr. Mehdi Khazali: They Intend To Take My Life And I Am Ready For The Sacrifice

On day fifty of hunger strike in Evin Ward 350, author, regime critic and Iran-Iraq war veteran, Mehdi Khazali has written a short letter to his wife on their wedding anniversary.

The full text of this letter, given to Kalameh by the anonymous friends of the Green Movement, is as follows:

My Wedding Anniversary

February 27 is our anniversary and the 50th day of my hunger strike. Twenty five years ago, with much passion and enthusiasm, bearing a beautiful cannon ball as a gift for my bride, I set out to go from Dokouhe to Andimeshk railroad station. The railroad security confiscated the cannon ball, and in the meantime the train left the station.

I returned to the base. This time I picked up an anti-tank mine with beautiful flowers painted on it as a gift for my wife.

With great difficulty and hardship I set out to go to Tehran. Part of the way, I spent on the back of a Sephah land-cruiser. Part of the way, I traveled in a trailer that was returning from the front lines. He stopped at a police station to sleep.

In the cold of February, I kept my hands warm by the exhaust pipes of the buses that had stopped to punch their time cards.

I traveled with the air defense unit to Brojerd tri-section. The unit did not stop for morning prayers, so inevitably I got off.

We were far from the war zone, it was morning, and I got on a bus that was going to Tehran.

On February 27, 1986, the Imam performed our matrimonial ceremony and two Qurans were adorned with the Imam’s signature for the bride and the groom. The Imam’s wife gave the bride a coin as a gift.

That day, my gift was the anti-tank mine that was decorated with beautiful painted flowers symbolizing the peace after the war.

My darling, today this former Basiji is in captivity, in the hands of those who have never seen the front lines.

Today I continue my relentless battle in the trenches of Ward 350. It has been sometime that I have been deprived of seeing you and hearing your voice. They intend to take my life, and I am ready for the sacrifice.

This time I have a new gift for you from 350. It’s the handcrafted work of incarcerated noble men.

These gloomy dark days shall pass. When you do see the gift from Ward 350, remember this dark period of time in history and tell our children of the people who made self-sacrifices to create a free and prosperous future.

With the hopes for a brighter tomorrow for our beloved Iran

February 27, 2012
Day 50 of hunger strike

Source: Kalameh

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