Dr. Mehdi Khazali: Perhaps They Had Come To Attend The Funeral Of My Body

The day that they transferred Dr. Khazali from Ward 350 in Evin to Taleghani hospital in Velenjak following a heart attack, many friends went to visit him.

They said, “He had lost a lot of weight, barely could speak & looked frail and thin (are these not enough signs that he has been on a hunger strike???).

Dr. Khazali was violently kidnapped by Intelligence Ministry’s agents in the middle of the night and taken to Ghamare Banihashm hospital, an Intelligence Ministry affiliated hospital.

Following is a hand written note written by Dr. Khazali provided by the anonymous supporters of the Green Movement.

The doctor, with an ailing body and trembling hands, but extremely high spirits, wrote:

In the name of The Almighty:

Captivity in a hospital is much more difficult than in a prison…..one day in a hospital and thousands of various orders come from the prison and from here and there.

Hour by hour orders are changed. For a patient in need of a relaxed and calm environment, you experience instead these difficult conditions in a hospital setting.

Today, the security guards stationed at Taleghani hospital were receiving various conflicting orders from higher ups.

These orders were like toxic poison to the blood flowing in the veins of an ill patient. The harassments by the jailers left bitter memories. We shall see what comes tomorrow.

Being captive in a hospital is much more difficult than in a prison! The harassment by the security guards, the various different and conflicting orders from different entities, all in all and hand in hand, they cause a captive patient to go faster downward on a spiral towards death. All these tensions are toxic to the patient’s blood.

It was a very hard day, they wouldn’t even allow my son to accompany me nor would they let him into the room to bring me towels.

The mother, who with much hardship and in a wheelchair, came to visit her son after forty some days of not seeing him, encountered such harsh treatment from them that she left without finishing her visit.

And of course the bitter memory will remain of the separation of a mother and her son’s short visit, soiled by the chastising mannerisms of the jailers.

We are even denied the right of being a patient. Our illness must also involve anxiety and stress. They even come here and create mayhem.

In the afternoon, many security forces arrived at the hospital. I don’t know what they were after. Perhaps they had come to attend the funeral of my body.

February 18, 2012
Mehdi Khazali

Source: letter2azadegan


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