Former Political Prisoner, Journalist Masoud Lavasani Has Disappeared

Update: Masoud Lavasani’s wife told BBC Persian that her husband has been in a hospital. Apparently when he went out for a walk he passed out on the sidewalk and a passerby took him to the hospital. Masoud did not carry any identification with him so the hospital staff did not know his identity. He did call home from the hospital today.

Former political prisoner, journalist Masoud Lavasani has been missing since yesterday.
Lavasani was released from prison last year after completing his sentence.

Lavasai’s wife, Fatemeh Kheradmand on her Facebook page wrote, “Masoud went out for a walk yesterday and has not been back since and his whereabouts is unknown.”

Fatemeh Kheradmand herself a former political prisoner was arrested last year and spent time in prison for her relationship with the families of the political prisoners.

Masoud Lavasani’s wife and children are extremely concerned and worried about his fate, but their efforts to find any information about his whereabouts have been without any result.

Fatemeh Kheradman on her Facebook page wrote:

“The happiness of Eid (the New Year) and the togetherness only lasted for two days,
My dear Masoud went out for a walk last night and has not been seen since
Our dear “Interrogator Friends” are not answering their phone either
I am dying from being so worried and concerned
O God…….”

Masoud Lavasani and Fatemeh Kheradman have a young child that after the arrest of his father and the subsequent arrest of his mother and the pressures of being away from his parents become very depressed.

So far, none of the officials or the judiciary authorities have excepted responsibility of the possible detention of Masoud Lavasani.

Source: GVOF


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