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Poor Healthcare In Evin Prison: From Prevalent Contagious Diseases, To 7 Month Wait To See A Specialist

The already poor healthcare system in Evin prison deteriorated during the Norooz holidays. Contagious Flu was prevalent among the prisoners and treatment was not provided.

According to reports by Kalameh, based on a survey conducted among Ward 350 prisoners, in the last two weeks prior to the Iranian New Year, lack of physicians and lack of medicine practically made treatment at Evin’s clinic impossible.

These conditions, added to the general poor health care system in Evin, have created additional problems for prisoners in need of care, particularly those in need of specialists.

Currently there are number of prisoners that have been waiting to see an ophthalmologist for over seven months.

Usually, after a long period of waiting to see an specialist, the number of patients from the different Evin wards are so high that the specialist is unable to provide enough necessary care, therefore effective treatment is not provided to the patients.

In many cases, prisoners are forced to personally pay the costs of specialized medical procedures and treatment.

In the case of Ward 350 prisoners, treatment can only be provided under the direct order of the Public Prosecutor. This is usually only possible for the more well known detainees and the rest of the prisoners are deprived of such care.

Especially in the case of dental services the situation is even worse. The dental care services provided are sub-standard and the patients are faced with very high cost for receiving dental care.

For this reason, many of the detainees suffer with dental problems and toothaches for months but do not seek dental care.

To avoid further risks and more dental problems, many of the detainees eventually have to have tooth removed by intern dentists.

In Ward 209, all the dental care, such as fillings and root canals, are provided by intern dentists.

Source: Kalameh