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Intelligence Ministry’s Agents Threatened Kurdish Prisoner Habibollah Golparipour With Execution

On Wednesday April 11, six Intelligence Ministry’s agents removed Habibollah Golparipour from his cell and took him to their office located in Semnan prison and threatened him with execution.

According to reports received by HRANA, on Wednesday at 11:30 AM six Intelligence Ministry’s agents suddenly and without any prior notice transferred Golparipour to their office in located Semnan prison and told him that he will be executed in upcoming days.

The action taken by the Intelligence Ministry’s agent was followed by the previous day’s attempt by Golparipour’s family to visit him in prison. The visit was prevented by the agents.

Habibollah Golparipours’s objection to the authorities preventing his family from visiting him caused the agent’s action of threatening him with execution.

Habibollah Golparipour, son of Naser from Sanandaj was arrested on 27 September 2009 while traveling between the north-western cities of Mahabad and Oroumieh.

After months of detention under physical and psychological torture in Mahabad, Orumieh and Sanandaj prisons, Golparipour was recently transferred from Orumieh prison to Semnan prison.

Golparipour was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court on Moharebeh charges (enmity against God). His death sentence has been upheld.

Source HRANA