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Hamid Ghasemi’s Sister: For God Sake Don’t Let Them Execute My Brother, He Is Not Even A Political Activist

In an interview with Masih Allinejad, death row political prisoner Hamid Ghasemi-Shal’s sister said her brother’s death sentence has been sent to the Sentence Enforcement Division. She said, “While one of my brothers (Alborz Ghasemi) was incarcerated in Evin, they said he died of cancer. Now my brother Hamid’s sentence has been sent to the Enforcement Division. For God sake, help us, don’t let them take this brother from us. He has not done anything, he is not even a political activist.”

Hamid Ghasemi-Shal was arrested May 24, 2008 on charges of espionage and contact with Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO/MEK). He was sentenced to death based on those charges.

His sister says the sentence has been sent to the Enforcement Division and can be enforced at anytime.

Mrs. Ghasemi describes how her brother was arrested and what her family has endured since his arrest. She also talks about all the efforts made by the family to stop Hamid’s execution.

She points out that, “When the Public Prosecutor Mr. Jafari-Dowlatabadi first was appointed to his job, to make himself look good he tried to be helpful, and we were able to visit with him a few times. But now days he seems to be out of reach and we are not able to see him any more”.

Mrs. Ghasemi says, “We had sent Hamid’s case to Branch 31 of the Supreme Court for an appeal. Mr. Jafari, the Head of the Branch told us he had reviewed the case. Mr. Jafari himself told us that “This young man does not deserve the death penalty”. He said, ” He has not committed any crime and there is not enough evidence of guilt in his case for a death penalty, but since the case has been previously reviewed in that branch, there is nothing he can do now.””

She continues, “I told him that he will be held accountable in the hereafter and has to answer to God for even one extra day that Hamid stays incarcerated in his cell. But to hold on to his position, he refused to review the case again,”

In response to the question of what was Hamid’s reaction to the news of his sentence having been sent to the Enforcement Division, Mrs. Ghasemi said, “On the day I visited him he was in shock and broke down. On the one hand, I gave him the news of our sister’s death, and on the other hand they informed him of his death sentence.

My mother was also present during this visit. You can just imagine what my mother felt like that day. She had recently lost her 40 year old daughter and then there, right in front of her, they gave the news of her son’s death sentence to him.

I ask the world to help us, don’t let them take my brother away from us……”

With sadness and as she was weeping, Hamid’s sister continues, “Do anything you can, anything, for Hamid. God knows Hamid is not guilty. In all of his letters, Hamid has said that he is not connected with any political group. He is not even a political activist. There is no evidence of guilt against him.”

Source: Kalameh