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Heavy Charges Of Moharebeh (Enmity Against God) And Carrying Of Firearms For Gonabadi Dervishes

Seventeen Gonabadi Dervishes have been formally charged with Moharebeh (Translator’s note: Enmity against God. This charge can carry the death penalty), corruption agents on earth and carrying of illegal firearms.

According to reports by Majzooban Noor site (Gonabadi Dervishes news site), last March, court was held in city of Kovar for seventeen Gonabadi Dervishes in Branch 101 of the Criminal Court presided by Judge Hemati.

Per this report, Kazem Dehghan, Hamidreza Aarayesh, Mohamad Ali Dehghan, Amir Hamzeh Dehghan, Mohsen Esmaeili, Abonaz Malekpour, Behyar Rajabi, Sayd Ebrahim Bahrami, Mohamad Ali Shamshirzan and Mohamad Ali Sadeghi were all charged with Moharebeh, corruption agents on earth and carry of illegal firearms.

Gholamali Birmi, Omid Ali Akbaritabar, Mehrdad Keshavarz, Mohamad Aarayesh, Abdolreza Aarayesh, Manouchehr Zaree and Aman Cheraghi were all charged with carrying of illegal firearms.

The Judge hearing these cases ruled the scope of these charges are beyond the authority of his court’s jurisdiction and referred the case to the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz.

It should be noted that, from last September, pressure and attack on the Kovar city dervishes increased day by day, leading to the night attacks by the Para-Militant and the Plainclothes forces on the homes and businesses of dervishes.

During these altercations, tens of dervishes were arrested and injured and one was killed by excessive bleeding from a gunshot wound.

In continuation of these events, in the past seven months, the dervishes residing in Kovar city have lost their peace and comfort by violent raids of their homes by the security forces for the purpose of arresting the dervishes.

More than twenty dervishes have been arrested during this period that finally led to the false accusations and heavy charges for the dervishes.

Source: Majzooban