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Prominent Human Rights Attorney, Mohamad Ali Dadkhah Has Been Arrested

Update 4/30/20112 – In an interview with BamdadKhabar Mohamad Ali Dadkhah has denied his arrest on Sunday and said he has been summoned to court on Saturday May 5.

Prominent human rights attorney and the defense attorney for many political prisoners, Mohamad Ali Dadkhah was arrested this morning at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

According to reports by the Committee for Defense of Political Prisoners, this morning, Sunday April 29, while Mohamad Ali Dadkhah was in court to defend his client, political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi, he was ordered arrested by Judge Salavati and transferred to Evin prison.

According to GVF, at 10 AM this morning, when Dadkhah showed up in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court to defend his client Arzhang Davoudi, he was ordered arrested by Judge Salavati before the start of trial of Arzhang Davoudi.

Judge Salavati informed Dadkhah that the Court of Appeals has confirmed his 5 year sentence and he must be arrested and sent to Evin prison.

Mohamad Ali Dadkhah is co-founders of, and the spoke person for the Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran.

Among the important cases that Mohamad Ali Dadkhah has defended are the Gonabadi Dervishes Hosseineyeh Ershad incident, the case of attorney Abdolfatah Soltani and the case of the Religious-Nationalist activists.

He also had a prominent role in the Savand dam case and the Jahan Nama towers in Naghshband square in Esfahan.

He also defended many of the university students cases, including the following:

1- The case of 3 students of Amir Kabir university, where, because of his continuous pursuit of the case while very close to obtaining acquittal for his clients, against the Iranian Judiciary laws and international laws he was barred from seeing his clients.

2- The case of three young men charged with insulting the Supreme Leader. This case lasted for five years and ended up in an acquittal of his clients.

3- The case of Zanjan University students, Sorna Hashemi and Alireza Firouzi, who were arrested after a sit-in protest at the university about an attempted rape of one of the female students by the then Deputy Chancellor of Zanjan university Dr. Hassan Maddadi.

4- The case of pastor Nadarkhani who was charged with apostasy.

On 8 July 2009, Mohamad Ali Dadkhah was arrested at his office along with his wife Maliheh Dadkhah, Sara Sabaghiyan, Bahareh Davlou and Amir Raeisian.

On 4 July 2011 he was sentenced to nine years in prison and barred from working as an attorney for 10 years. Speaking about his sentence then, Dadkhah stated, “I have been sentenced to a 10 year ban on the practice of law, eight years in prison for plotting a soft war for the purpose of overthrowing the regime and by being the spoke person for the Defenders of the Human Rights Center, and an additional one year in prison for propagating against the system and the Islamic Republic. I was also sentenced to flogging and a monetary fine.”

sources: Sahamnews & GVF