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On Hunger Strike Political Prisoner Mohamad Reza Motamednia In Critical Condition Is Returned to Prison From Hospital

On day thirty three of hunger strike, Mohamad Reza Motamednia was transferred back to Evin prison from hospital.

According to his son’s Facebook page, Motamednia was taken to the clinic in Evin prison on Wednesday. After going through examinations and worsening of his condition, he was moved to heart specialist hospital.

However, according to reports, around 6 AM today Motamednia was transferred back to Evin prison while his test results had not been reviewed by doctors yet.

On the first week of his hunger strike Motamednia encountered heart problem as well and was sent to Tajrish hospital then.

Motamednia started a hunger strike on April 9, 2012 protesting the illegal arrest of the Green leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi, his wife Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karoubi.

After he launched a hunger strike, Motamednia was placed in solitary confinement in Ward 240 of Evin prison for twenty days before he was moved back to Ward 350.

When transferred back to Ward 350, despite dire health and weight lost of about 66 lbs, and suffering from severe tremors in his body and irregular heart beats, Motamednia vowed to remain on hunger strike until the freedom of the Green leaders.

After Mousavi’s children asked Motamednia to halt his hunger strike, he, despite all the health problems that he has encountered due to his hunger strike, particularly because of the four days that he was on a dry hunger strike while in solitary confinement, he announced: “Sacrificing my life is the only thing I now can do for my nation and for my great country of Iran and it’s heroes and martyrs”.

He has said that he will only halt his hunger strike if requested by Mousavi himself.

This Green compatriot of the people had said, “Perhaps it’s possible to cover up some fact for short-terms, but soon all the obvious facts will be exposed and will be put to the judgement of the people, the history and more importantly the Divine Essence of God, for nothing is hidden from him.

It brings disgrace to you, after all the sanctions, threats and pressures, for you to establish dialogue and compromise with those whom you call foreign enemies and arrogant international powers, but, before the people of your nation, you are not willing to humble yourselves and will not talk with their true representatives and, without hesitation, continue to suppress them.”

Previously, in a letter to the Supreme Leader, mentioning the current turmoil in the country, he said, “Have the courage to accept what the people are asking for. You are now at a historical crossroads. One path is to align with the people and respect their right to choose freely their own destiny, another is to confront a nation that over the course of past 150 years has shown that, with revolution and rising up against authoritarian rulers and individual kings, it will eventually succeed.”

Source: Kalameh