Arrest Of Baha’is In Najafabad, Esfahan

On Tuesday May 15, four Baha’is were arrested in Najafabad.

According to reports received by the Human Rights Activists News Agency, six Intelligence Ministry agents from Najafabad (a suburb of Esfahan) entered the home of a Baha’i with a warrant and, after a search of the home and a brief interrogation of the people present, they arrested four Baha’is.

Bahram Ferdowdian, Mana Pirali, Sholeh Afshari and Azam Tabibi were the Baha’is arrested.

The agents also arrested a Moslem man along with his wife and two children that were in the home.

All the people arrested were taken to Dastgerd prison in Esfahan.

During the search of the home, another Baha’i named Arash Haghighi arrived at the home, the agents asked him to sign the list of items being confiscated and after he refused they physically assaulted and beat him.

Source: HRANA


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