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Tens Of People Arrested In East & West Azarbaijan Protesting The Drying Up Of Lake Uromieh

Under increased heavy security atmosphere in East and West Azarbaijan, tens of people were arrested by police and Intelligence Ministry in the last two days.

Yesterday in Tabriz, during scattered demonstrations protesting drying up of Lake Uromieh, Esrafil Omidi a post graduate student at Shahid Beheshti university in Uromieh and activists Mostafa Avazpour and Ghader Norouzi were arrested.

Also yesterday morning, former secretary of the Azerbaijani Association of Tabriz University, Afsaneh Toughi was arrested inside the university by Intelligence Ministry forces.

Akbar Mohajeri, Hassan Mirzakhani and Mohamad Eskandarzadeh were among those arrested in Tabriz yesterday. Their detention location is still unknown.

Security forces arrested the majority of these people by going to their homes without a warrant, performing a search of the home and confiscating personal belongings.

In another large city in Azarbaijan (Uromieh), university students Askar Khanyari, Hamid Nofouzi, Mehrdad Raha, Roholah Khani and IRGC soldier Mehran Keshavarz were arrested.

Also, on May 20, city of Maragheh political activist Hoosein Ahmadian and Tabriz Bazar businessman Ali Aghazadeh were arrested.

Source: HRANA