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Despite Dire Health, Blogger/HR Activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki Has Started A Hunger Strike

Protesting lack of proper medical treatment and denial of medical furlough, Imprisoned blogger and HR activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki has started a hunger strike.

According to reports by the Human Rights Activists News Agency, in a phone conversation with his family yesterday, Hossein informed them of his hunger strike. He launched this hunger strike despite his dire heath.

According to the radiologists who read Hossein’s latest CT Scan of his kidneys, the left kidney is non-functioning and must be removed.

According to doctors who have studied this CT Scan, Hossein’s right kidney is also not functioning properly and if surgery is not performed immediately, he will lose his right kidney also.

Previously, Hossein Ronaghi had said due to earlier failed Pyeloplasty surgeries he is in need of additional surgery. Delay in surgery will cause him to lose both his kidneys and will result in both kidneys being removed.

It should be noted that to reduce pain, Hossein is being injected on a daily bases with painkillers and with morphine which has caused him to develop gallstones.

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, one of the Managing Directors of Iran Proxy, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Revolutionary Court. He has been in prison since December of 2009.

Source: HRANA