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IRGC Agents Stormed Hunger Striker Blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s Hospital Room

Sepah intelligence agents (IRGC) stormed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s hospital room today. Hossein who was hospitalized in critical condition due to complications from his hunger strike was transferred to a different room in the same hospital and was banned him from visit. They also threatened his family not to publish any information about Hossein’s condition.

According to reports by Kalameh, few hours ago, Sepha Intelligence agents stormed Hossein’s room in Hasheminejad hospital, ordered the Intelligence Ministry’s agents and Hossein’s parents to leave the room, they then moved Hossein to a different room in the same hospital.

The Seopah intelligence agents did not give any reason for their action, neither did they give any explanation or information about his new location. They also prevented Hossein’s family from visiting him in his new room saying that they could only visit him during scheduled visiting times.

At the same time, agents called Hossein’s brother and threatened him to remain silent about Hossein’s condition.

Hossein Ronaghi was transferred to hospital on Sunday night in critical condition, however, he has refused to be connected to an IV and has refused to break his hunger strike despite the danger of loosing his kidney.

This blogger who has been incarcerated for two and a half years without being granted furlough, believes having additional surgery without being granted a medical furlough for post-operation treatment is pointless and therefore refuses additional surgery and will remain on a hunger strike until medical furlough is granted.

His family are worried that if the current conditions continue, it will eventually lead to a bitter and disastrous event.

A number of political prisoners incarcerated in Ward 350 released a statement yesterday which was published by Kalameh site. In this statement they warned that ignoring Hossein’s situation could put his life in serious danger.

They referred to a similar case of another political prisoner, Hoda Saber, who lost his life on hunger strike in prison, due to lack of proper medical treatment.

In this statement they also mention the medical examiner’s ruling that Hossein Ronaghi’s health is too dire to tolerate remaining imprisoned. They also mentioned the physicians recommendations for Hossein’s need to be granted medical furlough after surgery for proper care and treatment.

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki launched a hunger strike last week. He announced the launch of his hunger strike in a letter to the Leader. In this letter he explained the reason for his hunger strike and said, ” “I protest these illegal practices by launching a hunger strike as of May 26, 2012 and protecting my life is the responsibility of the officials of the Islamic Republic.

This hunger strike is in protest of, and to make a complaint about: The abuse and interventions in judicial matters by the Sepah Intelligence Corps, and the Intelligence Ministry. The loss of independence of the Judiciary Branch. To restore the Constitution, Judicial procedures, judicial independence, and; To restore the rights of political prisoners and their families (rights such as, use of furlough, use of telephone and visitation right and etc.).”

Kalameh reported yesterday that Hossein Ronaghi is under pressure to brake his hunger strike and has been threatened with being transfered back to prison. They also have threatened him with a negative media campaign against him.

Despite all of this, Hossein remains steadfast on his demand and says unless he is granted a medical furlough he will not brake his hunger strike.

Also, previously prison officials had said that they will cover all of his medical expenses, but they have recanted that statement and now say they can not cover his expenses due to Hasheminejad hospital not being under contract with them.

This blogger and human rights activist has been incarcerated for two and a half years without being allowed any furlough. He was arrested on December 13, 2009 in the city of Makan near Tabriz, and was immediately taken to Ward 2-A of Evin prison in Tehran.

Source: Kalameh