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Hunger Striker Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand Transferred to Evin Clinic And Banned From Phone Calls

Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand, founder of the Kurdistan Defense of Human Rights Organization, who launched a hunger strike 12 days ago, has been transferred to the medical clinic in Evin prison in poor health, and has been banned from phone calls for some days.

According to reports by the Human Rights Activist News Agency, human rights activist and head of Kurdistan Defense of Human Rights Organization, Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand launched a hunger strike May 28 following the refusal of authorities to grant him furlough to visit his gravely ill hospitalized son.

Kaboudvand was transferred to Evin’s medical clinic due to extreme weakness, and deteriorating physical health.

It should be noted that instead of meeting Kaboudvand’s demand, the authorities have banned him from phone calls.

Kaboudvan’s son is hospitalized in dire health with an incurable blood disease.

Kaboudvand has served one third of his prison term making him legally eligible for furlough.

source: HRANA