Documentary Film Maker Mohamad Nourizad Arrested And Released 12 Hours Later

Kalameh reports, on Thursday morning June 14, documentary film maker Mohamad Nourizad was arrested in Tehran by Plainclothes forces and after being kept in detention in a solitary confinement in an unknown location for hours, was released on a street in Tehran at 11:30 PM.

Nourizad had been directly and indirectly threatened by agents many times over the past year, but that did not stop him from criticism of, and revelations of atrocities by the regime.

He also revealed many facts about the regime during his many interviews with the Kalameh site. Kalameh site will immediately publish any details it learns about the 12 hours that Nourizad was kept in detention.

Following is an eyewitness account of the arrest of Nourizad as provided to Kalameh by a reader:

“On Thursday June 14, at 10:00 AM I was stopped at a traffic light at Farmaniyeh-Kamrniyeh. Suddenly I saw 7-8 men rushing towards a car and pulling a man out of the car.

I recognized him. For a second we looked into each other’s eyes. As they were handcuffing him, he looked at me, smiled broadly and with loud voice introduced himself: Mohamad Nourizad.

One of the men, who seemed to be the leader of the group, chastised Nourizad and said, “If you open your mouth once more I will break all your teeth.”

They had him sit down on the side of the street. The light turned green and I had to move on. But before that I heard him say to one of the men, “Take some money from my pocket and pay the taxi fare”.

They then took Nourizad inside a hunter green Peugot car. At this point all I could do was to look through the rearview mirror and memorize the car’s licence plate and write it down: 33 L 916 22.

God only knows where Nourizad is now. The assailants that I saw were waiting for the smallest excuse to beat him as hard as they can right there in front of everyone.

God be with him.

A witness who is not brave enough to reveal his name.”

Source: Kalameh


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