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Four Arab-Iranians Were Secretly Hanged In Ahvaz

The National-Religious news site reports four of the five Arab-Iranian prisoners who recently were transferred out of Karoon prison in Ahvaz to an undisclosed location, were hanged Monday morning.

These five men were arrested in April 201, during unrest in Ahvaz. They were later tried and convicted of moharebeh (enmity against God) for killing a law enforcement official.

Abbas Haydarian, Jamshid Haydarian, Abdolrahman Haydarian and Ali Neami were executed on Monday.

These hangings were followed by unrest and protests in some parts of Ahvaz (S,Iran).

Earlier it had been reported that Haydarian brothers were hanged and the status and whereabouts of the other two prisoners were reported unknown.

The National-Religious site reports after their follow up with human rights activists in Ahvaz, Ali Neami was also executed along with Haydarian brothers.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency reported yesterday that these hanging were done in secret and the families were informed Monday late afternoon by the Judiciary authorities.

From late Monday afternoon until early morning hours Tuesday, there were unrest and protests in parts of Ahvaz. Malashiyeh neighborhood where the executed resided was under tight and heavy security.

In some areas of the city protesters were chanting anti dictatorship slogans and were asking for the halt of systematic execution of Arab-Iranians.

The families of the executed have asked the judicial authorities for the return of bodies of the executed, for proper burial and ceremonies. The Judicial authorities have not yet responded to their request.

The executed were, brothers Abbas Haydarian nicknamed Jasem, Jamshid Haydarian nicknamed Teh, and Abdolrahman Haydarian nicknamed Naser and Ali Neami.

Currently status and whereabouts of Amir Moavi are not known.

The Islamic Republic of Iran executed these four despite appeals by many international human rights groups and organizations.

The Human Rights Watch Group, Amnesty International and the European Union were among groups and organizations that had appealed to Iran on behalf of these men.

sources: Melimazhabi