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Political Prisoner Jafar Eghdami In Dire Health, Prison Officials Refuse Hospital Transfer

Despite all necessary medical paperwork, prison officials refuse to transfer political prisoner Jafar Eghdami to a hospital.

Political prisoner Jafar Eghdami, incarcerated in Hall 12 of Rejaei Shahr prison in Karaj, suffers from a rare neurological disorder that has almost paralyzed him.

Prison officials citied lack of enough personnel to guard Eghdami in case of hospitalization.

Eghdami was scheduled to be transferred to Rasoul Akram hospital in Tehran last Sunday, June 17. However, prison officials refused to allow the transfer.

Despite his dire health and severe pain, prison officials say his transfer to a hospital is not possible prior to July 1st.

It should also be noted that Jafar Eghdami’s physical condition is such that he is not able to walk by himself.

Jafar Eghdami, currently serving his sentence in Rejaei shahr prison, was arrested for reciting a poem during memorial ceremony at Khavaran cemetery (the burial site of victims of the mass executions of the 80’s).

Eghdami was sentenced to five years in prison by a lower court. In an unconventional move, Eghdami’s sentence was raised to 10 years in prison by Court of Appeals.

Source: HRANA

Following The Execution of 4 Arab-Iranians, 15 People Were Arrested During Protests In Ahvaz

The Human Rights Activists News Agency reports following the execution of four Arab-Iranians in Ahvaz on Thursday June 21, protests erupted in some Arab neighborhoods resulting in the arrest of at least fifteen people.

Following are the names of the people arrested as obtained by HRANA:

1- Nasser Bavi, 27, son of Habib, has 2 children.

2- Mansour Bavi, 22, married.

3- Reza Bavi, 19, single.

4- Esmaeil Dehimi, 23, son of Javad.

5- Rahim Silavi, 38, has six children and has been arrested twice before.

6- Ali Haydari, son of Shaye.

7- Mohamad Haydari, son of Shaye.

8- Jasem Haydari, son of Shaye.

9- Hossein Haydari, son of Shaye.

10- Kazem Haydari, son of Mohamad.

11- Hakim Haydari, son of Mohamad.

12- Razi Sailavi, 38, poet.

13- Naser Haydari

14- Adel Haydari

15- Jomeh Haydari, 45, has five children.

Source: HRANA