Former Political Prisoner Mohamad Nourizad To Chief Judiciary: Put The Supreme Leader On Trial

Author, Journalist and documentary film maker Mohamad Nourizad known for a series of critical letters he has written to the Supreme Leader, has, this time, written a letter to the Chief Judiciary, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani.

In this letter he has criticized the lack of independence of the justice system, and calls for the Chief Justice to put his brothers, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, head of the human rights council Javad Larijani, president Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader Khamenei on trial.

Nourizad was arrested December 20, 2009 for writing and publishing letters critical of Khamenei and the regime’s harsh treatment of the post-election protesters. He was released from prison May 2011.

Below are excerpts of Nourizad’s letter to Chief Judiciary Larijani:

Nourizad starts his letter by telling Larijani that, he, as the Chief Justice ranks sixth on the most influential and powerful people in the Judiciary.

He names Raeisi, Prosecutor General Ejee, Hejazi and Judges Salavati, Pirabbasi and Moghayese as all being more influential and powerful than the Chief Judiciary.

Nourizad continues by pointing out eight steps that the Chief Judiciary must take to show the independence of the justice system.

“1- Put your brothers on trial. Both the Speaker of Parliament and your other brother, the humorous one, the one that makes jokes all the time.

The one that from the scarecrow platform of the human rights claims that we do not have political prisoners in Iran, there is no torture in Iran and everything in the system is safe and sound, with integrity, healthy, fair and just.”

Nourizad goes on criticizing Chief Judiciary’s brother, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani’s involvement in politics despite being a military man. He goes on saying that he has documents showing that Ali Larijani has embezzled the people’s money and asks for him to be put on trial for his conduct.

He goes on with questioning the vast amount of land acquired in recent years in Varamin by Chief Judiciary’s brother, Javad Larijani. He also calls Javad Larijani a liar for denying the existence of political prisoners in Iran and denying that torture occurs in Iranian prisons.

Nourizad says, “We know better than anyone what is going on in our judicial system. Does the knife cut it’s own handle?

Ask him (Javad Larijani), could we have put on trial, and imprisoned those Basijis (militia forces) that attacked Tehran university dormitory beating the students black and blue and robbing and destroying their property?”

“2 – If you believe yourself to be at the helm of the Judiciary,, and are independent, then from the position of the Attorney General, for once, just for once, put this Mr. Ahamadinejad on trial, on the charges of humiliating the Iranian people for years and for plundering their wealth, and appointing thieves in positions of power and responsibility.

How so very timid you three brothers are! All of your uproar is nothing but grandiose empty slogans.

Even though Ahmadinejad is no less of a slogans thrower then you three, but at least he has the audacity to dare. Learn from him.”

“One brother in the Parliament, the other one as a head of the human rights apparatus, and you in your own position, let us see you three enable your influence together and create a symphony of not being so timid.”

“You only die once. What are you afraid of?”

“3 – Let me not go any further. Only reason that an inexperienced, unqualified person such as yourself is at the helm of the Judiciary is your ability to abide orders. And of course being a signatory machine.”

“4 – If I wanted to think very idealisticly, I would have said: You, as the head of the Judiciary, must put on trial the Supreme Leader for all his apparent and behind the scene conduct in violating the people’s just rights.

As an example, I would question him about the unspecified and hidden accounts. Why does he not reveal the accurate amount of the people’s wealth and money, and why does he without the people’s permission deposit money in various unknown accounts?”

“Is it not funny that you make a statement such as: “We continue to abide his excellency the Supreme Leader.”, when in all actuality you should be independent?”

Nourizad continues in his letter to criticize Chief Judiciary Larijani for the lack of independence of the justice system in Iran. He also criticizes the IRGC and Intelligence Ministry for not having returned all the personal effects items that were confiscated from him by their agents three years ago

He concludes his letter by challenging Larijani to show his independence and authority as the number one man at the helm of the Judiciary by returning of his confiscated personal items.

Source: Kalameh


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