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Alarming Worrisome News About Imprisoned Human Rights Activist Narges Mohamadi

Some alarming worrisome news has been published about the imprisoned deputy head of Iran’s Defenders of Human Rights Center, Narges Mohamadi.

Narges Mohamadi was admitted to hospital eleven days ago in critical condition and, despite repeated requests by her family to visit her in the hospital, their requests have been denied.

Narges Mohamadi has had no contact with her family since her transfer to hospital eleven days ago.

There are unconfirmed reports that Narges Mohammadi was severely beaten during clashes between prisoners in Zanjan prison before her transfer to Valiasr Hospital. Apparently Mrs. Mohamadi was seriously injured during those clashes.

According to these reports, Narges Mohamadi was severely beaten during the clashes among her inmates and, due to her critical condition, prison officials transferred her to Valiasr hospital in Zanjan.

Mohamadi was initially admitted at the Department of Neurology in Valiasr hospital which could indicate a high probability of serious injuries. She was later transferred to Shahid Beheshti hospital and was admitted in the psychiatric ward.

Unfortunately, there are couple of points that may prove these unconfirmed reports to be true:

First, despite Narges’s family’s daily visit to the hospital in an attempt to see her, they have not been allowed to visit with her.

The hospital officials have failed to provide any reasonable explanation for their denial of family visiting Narges.

The second point is that her attending physicians have not been allowed to see her in the hospital. This, when Mrs. Mohamadi’s acute illness requires treatment by specialist physicians. Therefore, it becomes necessary for her to be seen by her attending physicians who are familiar with her case. But these doctors have not been permitted to attend to her in hospital.

Narges Mohamadi suffers from an acute neurological disorder that leads to muscle paralysis, which is the legacy of her first imprisonment in 2009.

Her sudden paralysis causes her to lose balance and control of herself resulting in falls and injuries.

Narges Mohamadi, in a letter she sent from prison last month, warned that she may meet the same fate as Hoda Saber and Zahra Kazemi. She had warned and stressed that the authorities will be responsible for her death. In her letter she warned that the authorities are planning to implement her slow death plan.

Narges Mohammadi was illegally transferred to prison Zanjan. She was incarcerated among hardcore criminals, prostitutes and addicts.

Unfortunately, serious fights often breakout among the prisoners in this ward. In a few instances during these fights, the guards had to remove Narges from the ward to keep her from being harmed.

These prisoners themselves are victims of the social crises that have engulfed the country.

To resolve Narges Mohamadi’s family’s concerns, the authorities must allow them to visit her in the hospital, or at least allow telephone contact.

The lack of any contact in the past eleven days has increased concerns about her well being. Even if not allowed a visit, a phone call is her right.

source: Melimazhabi